When will Spotify Wrapped 2023 be available?

Spotify Wrapped is finally out, giving you a playlist of your favourite songs  (ES Composite)
Spotify Wrapped is finally out, giving you a playlist of your favourite songs (ES Composite)

It's time for a spot of music nostalgia as Spotify has dropped its Spotify Wrapped playlist feature.

After months of build-up, Spotify has given music fans access to their personalised 2023 playlist.

The feature allows people to play back some of the most popular tunes they've listened to in the past 12 months. The release of Wrapped usually comes with a heavy dose of nostalgia, surprises and in some cases hilarity for users as they discover their listening habits.

Spotify describes Spotify Wrapped as “a deep dive into the music and podcasts that defined your [year]". It began as a viral marketing campaign and is now a feature that Spotify users worldwide look forward to every year. Many share the results with friends and family to compare musical tastes.

Developed by aura experts and powered by AI, it showcases your top music moods, genre-listening habits, five most streamed artists, and a blended playlist of your best 100 songs for the whole year.

Here is everything else you need to know about the fun feature.

When will Spotify Wrapped 2023 be available?

Spotify Wrapped 2023 was released on November 29. This year's version comes with a range of new features and as always lets users see their most listened to tracks and artists.

How do I access Spotify Wrapped 2023 when it comes out?

If you have subscribed to Spotify, it tracks your listening habits from January 1 to October 31 every year. That means you’ll need to generate your account before November 1 and listen to music for at least 60 minutes. Unfortunately, you won’t see Spotify Wrapped if your account is new or you don’t have enough listening time on your account.

When you open the Spotify app, on the home screen, tap on the Your 2023 Wrapped banner to access your Wrapped playlist. If you do not see it, type Wrapped in the search bar to view the banner. Click the banner and you’ll be directed to Spotify Wrapped Story. There, you can see your customised stats. If you want to share the data to other social media platforms for family and friends to see, just click on the Share this story button.

What features are available in Spotify Wrapped 2023?

In previous years, alongside features such as top artists, genres, songs, podcasts, and minutes listened, Spotify Wrapped included extra features to help you share your music snapshot.

In 2022, your Listening Personality was a new feature that told you what your listening habits said about your music taste. Spotify will tell you which of 16 different Listening Personality types you are, based on your activity.

Audio Day is an interactive story that offers a peek into how your music taste evolves throughout the day.

Another new feature from 2022 lets you share your Wrapped Cards on WhatsApp and Line. Other new community features included a Snapchat Lens and clothing for Bitmoji, as well as new GIFs on all the major social networks.

This year, there are a range of new features on offer, with users being offered a 'listening character' and 'sound town' among other highly interactive features.

What was popular in Spotify Wrapped 2022?

The most streamed artists in the UK were Taylor Swift, Drake, and Ed Sheeran, as well as Harry Styles and Kanye West.

As It Was by Harry Styles was one of the most streamed albums in the UK as well as globally.