Sports quiz of the week: Ronnie O’Sullivan, Ryan Mason and Hull KR

Paul Campbell
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<span>Photograph: George Wood/PA</span>
Photograph: George Wood/PA
  1. It has been a strange week. Somehow Spurs were briefly involved in a breakaway league that has the words “European” and “Super” in its title. Spurs have never won the European Cup. When did they last win the league title in England?

    1. Thirty years ago

    2. Forty years ago

    3. Fifty years ago

    4. Sixty years ago

  2. Spurs are not going to be crowned champions this season, but they might end their trophy drought on Sunday when they face Manchester City in the League Cup final. Who was the US president the last time Spurs lifted a trophy?

    1. Bill Clinton

    2. George W Bush

    3. Barack Obama

    4. Donald Trump

  3. Having led Spurs to the League Cup final, José Mourinho was sacked by the club this week and will not be given the chance to win the competition for the fifth time of his career. Which player scored the winning goal in the final the last time Mourinho lifted the trophy?

    1. Didier Drogba

    2. Frank Lampard

    3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    4. Steven Gerrard (it was an own goal)

  4. Hull Kingston Rovers played Huddersfield Giants in Super League this week. What happened seven seconds into the game?

    1. The floodlights failed and the game was called off

    2. Two Giants players pulled up with hamstring injuries and had to be substituted

    3. Rovers player Ben Crooks was sent off for punching an opponent – his brother Garth

    4. Crooks scored the fastest try in the history of professional rugby league

  5. Ryan Mason became the youngest manager to take charge of a team in the Premier League when he led Spurs out against Southampton on Wednesday night. Whose record did he break?

    1. Ruud Gullit

    2. Stuart Pearce

    3. André Villas-Boas

    4. Attilio Lombardo

  6. Ronnie O’Sullivan is defending his Snooker World Championship title at the Crucible this week. For how many consecutive years has O’Sullivan played at the event?

    1. 20

    2. 24

    3. 29

    4. 34

  7. Who said: “The lady upstairs tells me I am looking a bit more rugged and handsome, but I think she’s crazy, of course”?

    1. Liam Williams

    2. Florentino Pérez

    3. Graham Potter

    4. Brendan Rodgers

  8. The 2021 Women’s Six Nations reaches a climax this weekend. What is unusual about the competition this year?

    1. Reigning champions England are going into the final set of fixtures having lost every game so far

    2. Italy have won a game for the first time since they joined the event in 2007

    3. For the first time in its 25-year history, there will be a final

    4. Every game in the tournament has been played inside the same stadium (in Spain)

  9. Rionegro Aguilas played Boyacá Chicó in the Colombian first division this week. The game was goalless at half-time. Why was this a surprise to everyone watching?

    1. Rionegro Aguilas had scored 11 goals in the first half of their previous game against Boyacá Chicó

    2. Both Rionegro Aguilas goalkeepers were caught partying the night before the game so the club’s manager decided to drop them and play without a keeper

    3. Rionegro Aguilas could only field seven players due to a Covid-19 outbreak in their squad

    4. Tino Asprilla took over as the Rionegro Aguilas manager earlier this week and declared that he would “resign if we don’t score within the first half of my first game”

  10. The Premier League has been around for 28 seasons. In how many of those seasons have Norwich either been promoted to the league or relegated from it?

    1. Six

    2. Eight

    3. Ten

    4. Twelve


1:D - They have not even won the FA Cup for 30 years., 2:B - Spurs have not won a trophy since they beat Chelsea in the League Cup final on 24 February 2008. Daniel Day-Lewis won the second of his three Oscars later that evening (for There Will be Blood), meaning he has won two Oscars since Spurs last won a trophy – and he retired four years ago., 3:C - Mourinho has won the League Cup four times (as many as Spurs) – in 2005, 2006 and 2015 with Chelsea, and in 2017 with Manchester United., 4:D - His team won the game 25-24., 5:D - Lombardo won the Champions League, Uefa Cup and Cup Winners’ Cup as a player but he didn’t repeat that success while in charge of Crystal Palace., 6:C - That’s a record. O’Sullivan has played at the event every year since 1993. He was 17 at his first World Championship and is the reigning champion at the age of 45., 7:C - The Brighton manager was left sporting a nasty facial injury after he fell while out for a walk. When it was suggested to Potter that his modelling days may now be over, he replied: "They were over a long, long time ago – if ever they started. The lady upstairs tells me I am looking a bit more rugged and handsome. But I think she’s crazy, of course.", 8:C - Even though the men’s Six Nations went ahead as usual, the women’s version of the event was shortened, with each team playing just three games. England face France in the final on Saturday., 9:C - The team lined up in a 3-2-1 formation with their substitute goalkeeper filling in at centre-back. They did not concede a goal until the 57th minute., 10:C - They have been relegated five times and promoted five times.


  1. 3 and above.

    A decent score. Have a great weekend

  2. 4 and above.

    A decent score. Have a great weekend

  3. 5 and above.

    A decent score. Have a great weekend

  4. 6 and above.

    Nicely done. Have a great weekend

  5. 7 and above.

    Nicely done. Have a great weekend

  6. 8 and above.

    Nicely done. Have a great weekend

  7. 9 and above.

    Nicely done. Have a great weekend

  8. 10 and above.

    Perfection. Have a great weekend

  9. 2 and above.

    An OK score. Have a great weekend

  10. 0 and above.

    Ah well. Have a good weekend

  11. 1 and above.

    Ah well. Have a good weekend