Reality Steve Says He Was Wrong About The Winner Of Joey's 'Bachelor' Season

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'The Bachelor' 2024 Spoilers For Joey GraziadeiChristopher Willard - Getty Images

***ALERT: Major Bachelor Season 28 Spoilers Ahead!!!***

Joey Graziadei's season of The Bachelor is getting serious. During Monday night's episode, the tennis pro narrowed down his field of ladies from six to four as he prepares for Hometowns.

But, the winner of the season might not be the woman everyone thinks. Back in November, Bachelor spoilers blogger Reality Steve said the tennis pro would get engaged to Minnesota native Daisy Kent during the season finale, which was filmed in Tulum, Mexico.

However, Steve now says that Kelsey Anderson *actually* receives the final rose and is currently engaged to Joey. (The update comes after a slew of new evidence built up on social media, sparking Steve to reinvestigate.)

This is huge: Reality Steve hasn't been wrong in years. "No beating around the bush here. The spoiler is wrong," he wrote on his blog. "Joey is engaged to Kelsey A. and has been since filming ended."

The dramatic turn of events all started on Feb. 21, when the Instagram account @bachelornation.scoop posted evidence—which had previously been uncovered by Redditors—that Joey and Kelsey may be staying in the same safe house. (In case you're not familiar with this, Bachelor couples will go to a secure location to meet up while the show is airing so they're not caught together.) Using photos from a Zillow listing of a previously-used safe house, Internet sleuths compared the backgrounds of the duo's most recent social media posts to determine that they could be staying in the same location.

Reality Steve originally doubled down on his spoiler in response to this post, but he's since changed his tune and, in his words, is now "eating crow."

While this is the most *major* spoiler of the season, there are plenty more to know before it's game, set, match on Joey's love life. Ahead, here's everything you need to know:

Who makes it to hometowns?

Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, Maria Georgas, and Rachel Nance all made it to hometowns in week 8, according to Reality Steve. Daisy Kent's date was filmed in Minnesota, while Kelsey Anderson's was shot in New Orleans on Oct. 26.

The television sleuth also claims that Maria Georgas was eliminated during the final four rose ceremony (so, presumably during hometowns).

Who are Joey's final three?

Based on Reality Steve's spoilers, Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, and Rachel Nance are Joey's final three ladies. They all have overnight dates in Tulum, Mexico during week 9. Ultimately, Rachel gets eliminated at this rose ceremony.

Who wins Joey's Bachelor season?

The final rose ceremony comes down to Kelsey and Daisy, Reality Steve says. Joey proposes to Kelsey and the two get engaged in Tulum, Mexico.

The finale is apparently pretty dramatic. According to Steve, Daisy realizes after her final date with Joey that she's not "The One." So, she goes to see Kelsey—a move that has never happened before in Bachelor history—and tells her that Kelsey and Joey are going to be together. "After Daisy’s last date with Joey, she realizes it’s not her," Steve says. "So she goes to Kelsey’s room and essentially tell her 'it’s not me, it’s you, and I’m gonna tell him that tomorrow.'”

Fast-forward to the finale. Daisy arrives first and tells Joey she knows she's not the winner. "It was a positive breakup," Reality Steve says. Cue Joey and Kelsey A. having their engagement and happily ever after.

Are Joey and Kelsey still engaged?

No word yet, but I'm certainly rooting for Joey's happily-ever-after. And for what it's worth, Kelsey has been posting some seriously happy, glowing Instagram videos chronicling her time on the show, so it certainly seems like things are going well.

Also worth noting? There seems to be no bad blood between Kelsey and Daisy. Both have shared photos recently of them together from their time on the show. Women supporting other women—you love to see it.

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