I spent 31 years in law enforcement. Ken Paxton and his enablers bring shame to Texas | Opinion

AG’s excuse ridiculous on face

On the Texas attorney general website, the job is listed as the top law enforcement official in the state. What shame Ken Paxton has brought to that office. (Sept. 19, 10A, “Mini-MAGA Texas GOP mocks conservative values with verdict”)

Having spent 31 years in federal law enforcement — much of it alongside state, local and county officers — I can’t believe Paxton was so brazen as to direct the use of state resources in the defense of one of his pals under criminal investigation. Had I or any other federal or local policing official done that, we would’ve been fired and any future in law enforcement ruined.

The idea that any state senator somehow buys the excuse that Paxton was simply aiding his friend by trying to uncover flaws in a federal investigation is incredible. Anyone at his level would certainly know better — or should.

- John Lunt, Fort Worth

Texas GOP has lost me for good

I am a 50-year, reliably conservative-voting Republican, but this Ken Paxton verdict is disgusting. These people were elected to be our leaders, but they chose to lead in cowardice.

Sadly, this comes as no surprise, given the current nature of this Republican Party — of which I want no part.

- Brett Flournoy, Colleyville

Journalism matters like this

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Editorial Board, I applaud you. To read your opinion on Ken Paxton’s acquittal gives me some hope that our state can regain its ability to elect people who will stand up for what’s right. (Sept. 17, 10A, “A sad day for Texas: Acquitting Ken Paxton condones corruption, abuse of power”)

With a majority of our Republican state senators, that did not happen.

Sadly, most 30-somethings today would rather watch stupid videos all day than pay a small fee for the ability to read a source, like yours, with the journalistic responsibility to print the truth. I realize this is the Opinion section, but your voice is powerful.

- Michael Stoots, Euless

Democrats much worse than Paxton

Regarding the Star-Telegram’s editorial about Ken Paxton’s acquittal, what’s really sad is how the Democratic Party is destroying our once-great country with an obviously two-tiered justice system and the weaponization of the Justice Department and the FBI, open borders, inflation and woke culture, just to name a few. And Donald Trump-hating hacks like you are OK with it.

Whatever you think of Paxton, he was a lone warrior fighting all this garbage coming from the White House. But I guess you’re all right with the obvious corruption.

- Mitch Cline, Arlington

Thank you, state Sen. Hancock

Once again the spineless, gutless Texas State Senate stares corruption directly in the face and chooses to run away, out of sheer fear of the specter of Trumpism that clouds their brains. Honesty and integrity are absent.

Our local state Sen. Kelly Hancock was one of just two Republicans with enough courage to do the right thing. As for the rest, a moral compass doesn’t exist in Texas politics.

Ken Paxton is a sleazeball, and his Republican cronies are all cowards.

- Randy Jordan, Arlington

Ignoring that not-guilty verdict

Your editorial seems to be oblivious to the “innocent until proven guilty” standard in this country. Also, taking a cheap shot at Donald Trump in this editorial was tasteless. The Star-Telegram has diverted so far from where it was when carrying it twice a day and delivering it to fair-minded people was my first job. Y’all can do better.

- Johnny Dwire, Weatherford

Get out of Texas, Bush family

George P. Bush was behind this. A Bush-aligned lawyer represented the anti-Paxton whistleblowers who had no evidence. Bush lost to Ken Paxton in a landslide. The Bush regime is dead in Texas. Let George P. move to Florida, where his father was governor. We don’t want the Bush family in Texas politics. We’re sick of them.

- Paula Villagran, San Antonio

GOP base is out of control

I’m disappointed but not surprised at the acquittal of Ken Paxton in his impeachment trial. Anyone surprised hasn’t been paying attention. This is what the Republican Party has come to. Those state senators who voted to acquit won’t have to worry about reelection. This is what their base wants.

Those Republicans who voted to convict probably don’t have to worry, either, as most members of their base don’t pay much attention to what happens in their government. A sad story all around.

- Gail Mccoy, Fort Worth

Real conservatism lacking in Austin

Republicans in the Texas House who voted for impeachment revealed why we have not elected a conservative state House speaker for years. Until we primary these fake conservatives out of office, we will continue to have a Republican-controlled Texas House that does not pass the voters’ agenda.

- Randy Lynn Orr, Houston

Who backs ‘law and order’ now?

Only two of 19 Republican state senators were willing to hold Ken Paxton accountable. The rest decided to condone his behavior, which is reprehensible. By agreeing with the side that distrusts law enforcement and prosecutors, Republicans can no longer credibly say that they support “law and order” or that they “back the blue.”

It’s time for reasonable Republicans to step up and end this nonsense and extremism that pervades the party. Being a Republican or a Democrat is not genetic. You have a right to use your mind and vote for your own best interest and the best interests of Texans at large. This embarrassment needs to end at the next election.

- Bill Crain, Dallas