Spencer Pratt dishes on fatherhood, shares his hummingbird nectar recipe live on 'The Morning Breath'

Snapchat king and crystal guru Spencer Pratt is not shy about his personal life. In fact, the new father and former reality television star will be the first one to tell you what’s happening in his life on a minute-by-minute basis via social media, mainly Snapchat. His morning espressos, afternoon hummingbird feedings, and quality time with newborn Gunner Stone is all encouraged for public consumption, and don’t bank on that changing anytime soon.

The podcaster and husband to Heidi Montag stopped by The Morning Breath on Monday to talk fatherhood, his crystal collection, and of course, his affinity for the wild hummingbirds swarming his Santa Barbara property.

Leaving California behind amid New York Fashion Week, Jackie and Claudia Oshry asked Pratt how life as a dad is going so far. “It’s unbelievable,” says the reality star of fatherhood.

“Last night, Heidi FaceTimed me and already he’s holding his own bottle,” Pratt adoringly shares of the small milestone. “I’m gone one day and he’s holding his own bottle.”

Followers of Pratt know that baby Gunner is already swaddling his own crystals and adopting his dad’s love for rock-sourced energies. “What I learned from going broke buying crystals is you need to go to a gem show,” suggests Pratt to Claudia when asked about purchasing from the crystal market.

But beyond crystals, Pratt is best known for his hummingbird fondness and expertise. The bird connoisseur recalls when his newfound interest was born.

“When we found out Heidi was pregnant, I walk outside and there’s this hummingbird just buzzing at our front door, but he wouldn’t stop. Ends up, it wasn’t a he, it was a mommy hummingbird guarding a nest with two little Tic Tac-size eggs, and I’m like, ‘This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.’”

A year later, Pratt has immersed himself in the bird market and is regarded as a hummingbird aficionado. Witnessing one of the eggs grow into Allen, the Snapchat-famous hummingbird, Pratt relishes in his ability to connect with nature every day from his West Coast balcony.

Tending to wildlife doesn’t come without responsibility, though. Pratt pleads with his fans to provide quality nectar and to never assume the role of veterinarian. In the case of a hummingbird injury, “You call your local wildlife rescue people, they have specialists,” advises Pratt. “They’ll come pick up the hummingbirds and take them to incubators.”

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