Spectators Cheer Results Showing Labor Winning Australian Election

Spectators watching the results of Australia’s federal elections in a Sydney pub burst into cheers when they saw the Labor Party were winning on May 21.

Katarina Stefanovic recorded patrons of Hawke’s Brewing Company, in Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese’s constituency of Grayndler, celebrating the results.

Some people expressed emotions other than joy, one woman can be heard shouting “f**k you motherf**kers” while a man shouted “b*****ds”. It’s not clear who the curses were directed at. (Storyful has edited the profanity out of the video).

Although counting is still ongoing, Prime Minister Scott Morrison conceded to Albanese in a speech in Sydney after preliminary results showed that the Labor Party was likely to win the election and form the next government. Credit: Katarina Stefanovic via Storyful

Video Transcript


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