‘Spaghetti pancakes’ go viral on TikTok. What are they, and why are they so popular?

Screengrabs from @brianaarchuleta's TikTok video

TikTok’s experimental breakfast trend is making millions of mouths water.

Tomorrow morning, consider making yourself a steaming fresh bowl of spaghetti … pancakes.

“Oh, this is going to take the internet by storm,” one viewer on TikTok said. “I’m calling it.”

They weren’t wrong. The “spaghetti pancake” trend has already gotten over 8 million views after Briana Archuleta posted a video of her husband’s invention.

The couple drizzled thin strands of pancake batter on a grill to cook in spindles before flipping them and tossing them in a bowl, doused in maple syrup and garnished with powdered sugar.

The creation even got a nod from IHOP on TikTok.

“Want meatballs? Add maple sausage, or fruit,” someone half-joked in the comments. Others suggested different breakfast additions, like hash browns.

Others compared the idea to funnel cake, traditional Yemeni breakfasts, or “pancake fries,” but Archuleta stuck to the name “spaghetti pancakes,” or, as her husband calls it, “squiggle cakes.”

Even if different versions of the spaghetti pancake dish have been made in the past, the TikTok trend inspired viewers who had never tried it.

“Saw this a 8 a.m. now my boyfriend is going to make it for breakfast,” one viewer said. “Thank you.”

Despite the final product looking considerably mouthwatering, some people weren’t convinced.

“I know this probably tastes really amazing but my brain is throwing all the red flags right now,” one person said.

“So wrong it feels right,” another commented.

Archuleta encouraged others to try it for themselves and share their renditions of spaghetti pancakes, prompting dozens of other creators to film their own spaghetti pancake journey on the app.

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