Southwest Middlesex candidate Dan Jeffery

Dan Jeffery wants to make change easier for people trying to build in Southwest Middlesex.

“I have a good head for development while not taking away prime farmland. We need to expand. The populations of the communities have decreased over the past decades significantly, and other municipalities seem to be able to expand their communities while for some reason Southwest Middlesex hasn’t been able to expand to keep up for the need for the tax base,” said Jeffery.

The life-long Appin resident has seen some change in the municipality saying half the people he spoke to in Middlemiss were new residents. He said they would like more infrastructure investment.

“They’d like to get a streetlight and to get either a sidewalk put in or have them take out and replace the old sidewalk that’s there; maybe some playground equipment, it’s been 20 years since that happened,” said Jeffery.

Melbourne also has construction concerns, according to the 22-year construction worker and current foreman.

“Melbourne was pretty upset about the fiasco on Victoria Street. They put down tar and chip instead of asphalt,” said Jeffery.

Most of his nomination signatures were from Victoria Street. Concerns include dust and kids’ safety because there’s a park with no curb or sidewalks on the way.

He also ran to make sure there was a third choice in a ward with two councillors, and to keep an eye on spending. He pointed to things like per diem and legal opinions.

“Common sense when having to abstain from voting when you have to get clarification from someone when it’s a clear case of you should be abstaining from your votes,” said Jeffery.

He said many saw increased arena spending with little more to show for it was a missed opportunity for a new pool, gym or small aerobic water spa.

The candidate added the search for staff could have been avoided.

“I wouldn’t have fired our arena staff. Now two years later, they’re looking to hire new arena staff.

“They claimed it was Covid related, but those are guys there is always something they could be doing,” said Jeffery.

He summed his pitch up:

“I just feel that I’m a well-rounded, smart individual with experience in fields that are relevant to our community.”

Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner