Southwest Airlines flight attendant asks passengers for help surprising son on his birthday

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant asked a plane full of passengers for help surprising her son on his birthday.

In a video shared to the official Southwest Airlines TikTok account, it captured the sweet moment that a flight attendant, with the help of travellers, surprised her son Caleb with the news that he wasn’t going to California for his birthday, but Hawaii.

In the video, the woman could be seen standing at the front of the plane with her young son as she addresses the passengers.

“Caleb thinks he’s going to California for his birthday. If I can get you all, on the count of three, to tell Caleb what state he’s actually going to today,” the flight attendant told the eager passengers as her son eagerly stood next to her.

After counting to three, the entire plane then shouted out: “Hawaii!”

The destination was met with excitement from Caleb, who opened his mouth in shock at the birthday surprise and then hugged his mother in gratitude. “Happy birthday kid,” she added.

Caleb then made his way down the plane aisle to his seat, where he excitedly asked the individual filming the video: “Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“Caleb thought he was going to California for his birthday, but his mom had a big surprise for him that the whole plane helped reveal,” the caption on the video read. As of 17 January, the clip has been viewed more than 538,000 times.

In the comments under the video, viewers have shared their emotional responses to the heartwarming moment.

“Omg this is so cute,” one person commented, while another said: “This was beautiful. I cried.”

“So cute! Caleb’s reaction is the best!” someone else wrote.

The sweet in-flight moment comes after a new mom revealed a stranger knitted her baby a beanie during the newborn’s first flight.

Kelly Levine, who uses the username @kellyryan49, took to TikTok to share the story of how successful her baby’s first flight was, as a stranger sitting near her five-month-old daughter, Romey, ended up knitting her a beanie.

“The coolest thing happened on our baby’s first flight,” text across the screen started the video. “The woman next to us noticed Romey loved to watch her knit.”

In the clip, Levine then revealed that, by the end of the flight, the stranger had created Romey a hat of her own. “She secretly worked on knitting Romey a beanie by the time we landed,” she told viewers in the viral video.