Southlake Carroll might pull out of school board association over ‘divisive’ politics

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Bob Booth/Special to the Star-Telegram

Southlake Carroll school board members are likely to vote Monday on immediately leaving the Texas Association of School Boards after stating in a resolution that it does not align with values of most Texans.

The meeting is 5 p.m. at the school administration building, 2400 N. Carroll Ave.

On Friday, State Rep. Brian Harrison, a Republican from Waxahachie, posted on Twitter that the Carroll school district is leaving the Texas Association of School Boards and praised its “leadership.”

School board president Cameron Bryan wrote in an email: “It is board protocol to not talk publicly about items on an upcoming agenda until after the entirety of the Board has had and opportunity discuss and/or take action.”

A spokesperson for the the school board association said in an emailed statement that it respects the Carroll school district’s board to assess and evaluate its membership.

“It’s our hope that their assessment will result in what we know is true: TASB is a non-partisan, member association that has worked for nearly 75 years to support school boards and strengthen Texas public schools,” the statement said. “Our non-profit programs and services are designed to help districts save taxpayer money — keeping resources in the classroom where they belong.”

Harrison sent a letter to all school districts in January asking them to consider leaving the Texas Association of School Boards because of the organization’s “divisive” agenda. Harrison included the text of the letter in his tweet about the Carroll school district.

In his letter, Harrison wrote that it took almost a year for the TASB to leave the National School Boards Association after that organization called for federal investigations into parents’ actions at school board meetings.

He also criticized TASB over issuing new legal guidelines on transgender policies in school districts, which he said “appears to encourage school districts to refrain from reporting child abuse and to obscure information regarding children exhibiting gender dysphoria from their parents.”

Harrison’s letter also said the vast majority of Texans support conservative values and the rule of law.

The Carroll school board resolution reflects what Harrison wrote and, along with calling for the district to leave TASB starting in 2024, it directs the superintendent to put out requests for risk management services and other services needed.

The resolution stated that services offered by the association are readily available on the free market at a lower price.

The Texas Association of School Boards provides services to districts, including insurance and training for board members.