Southgate Council news digest

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All members were present for the regular meeting of council by electronic means on May 5.


Council approved buying eight Scott “Air-Paks” at a cost of $12,000.

Some of the self-contained breathing units in use now are from the years 1997 and 2002. The purchase will also mean that every single air pack in a front-line truck will be an AP75 from 2010 or newer.

The new purchases can be modified to use 4500 PSI cylinders. It will be more economical to do a gradual switch-over, rather than one large purchase, council heard.

The money will come from the Melancthon Fire Reserve and Fire Infrastructure Reserve account.

The advantage of having the air bottles last more minutes is not that firefighter stay longer in the fire, but is as a safety measure if the unpredictable happens, said Mayor John Woodbury.

“Yesterday was international firefighters day, and your department is second to none,” Mayor Woodbury said to Chief Derek Malynyk.


Council received a year-end financial statement. Audited statements will be presented in July.

There were updates to the amounts going into the following reserves: Tax Stabilization – about $316,000; Library Infrastructure – about $24,000, Winter Maintenance –about $144,000.

For non-tax-supported departments, the transfers were: Wastewater Reserve about $182,000 and Water Reserve- about $81,000.


Council approved using about $2,000 of COVID-19 Re-start funding to make an Employee Assistance Program available to full-time staff on a trial basis for one year.

Confidential, short-term counselling will be available. The report from human resources co-ordinator Kayla Best noted that the past year has been particularly stressful for everyone, including Southgate staff.


A zoning change was passed to allow a small-scale shop for Paul and Ina Martin on a 100-acre property on Sideroad 13 south of Southgate Road 4.

A site plan agreement was entered into for Southgate Plastics on Southgate Road 12 east of SR 19. The zoning change was approved March 17.


The township is ready to issue the Request for Proposal to find a consultant to do the Official Plan Review, which is required by legislation.

The plan when drafted did not foresee current growth and need for land and housing, for example, planner Clint Stredwick said in his report.


The mayor will participate in a virtual town hall session on proposed changes at the provincial level to the municipal code of conduct.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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