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Council held its regular meeting online on Nov. 17 with all members participating.


Jaykob Thompson, who is the chair of the Youth Action Committee spoke to council to ask for an increase in the YAC budget this year.

He said that the group would use the money to provide more and higher-quality activities.

The item will come up on Dec. 8 in the operating budget. Mayor John Woodbury welcomed the presentation, saying “we will definitely look at it and see what we can do – supporting youth is a pretty high priority.”


Southgate is raising its Development Charges according to its policy, which is to match the construction price rise.

The DCs for new 2022 commercial, industrial and residential building will go up by 11.6 percent as of Jan. 1.


Council approved a zoning bylaw and a site plan agreement to allow a dry industrial on-farm shop of up to 750 sq. m for Southgrey Enterprises Grey Road 8.

Council approved a zoning change to allow a garden suite which was discussed at an earlier planning meeting (Pennings).

An official plan amendment was approved for Flato Glenelg Phase 2 following a public meeting that was held on Jan 27. That subdivision will go in behind the Carriage House area now under construction on Glenelg.

It will contain 83 single detached, 66 townhouse units, and the access will be through the first phase of the subdivision.

The planner responded to comments that were made at the time about impacts on residents on Doyle street, saying they would be minimal.

At the Oct. 28 Grey County Council meeting, the county passed the needed plan amendment to add the property to the Dundalk settlement area.

Southgate’s action now designates those lands for development.


Another piece is in place for the 2022 municipal election, as council approved using the Datafix service to manage the voter list. This captures changes and updates to those qualified to vote in the municipal election.

The cost is $6,850, and the agreement outlines privacy and security measures and assures that the municipality through the clerk maintains authority of the information and its handling.


Southgate deputy-treasurer/tax collector John Kurian is now on the board of the Ontario Municipal Tax Revenue Association. CAO Dave Milliner said the involvement of municipal employees at a higher level pays off for the township because of the new ideas and experience gained.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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