Southern Charm 's Craig Conover Gets Fiery at Whitney Sudler-Smith's 'Shady' Hookup with Ex Naomie Olindo

The cast of Southern Charm partied hard at the wedding of Patricia Altschul and Shep Rose's dogs Peaches and Little Craig — so hard that Naomie Olindo found herself getting unexpectedly close with Whitney Sudler-Smith.

The morning after the wedding, while nursing what she called the "worst hangover," Naomie revealed to Leva Bonaparte and Austen Kroll that she kissed Whitney — and he spent the night at her house.

"He's like, 'We need to breed, like breed,'" Naomie recalled. "He's like, 'Mom would love it, Mom would love it.'"

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Naomie Olindo, Whitney Sudler-Smith
Naomie Olindo, Whitney Sudler-Smith

Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty, Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty

Austen also spent the night with someone special: his ex, Ciara Miller. "We ended up going out and one thing led to another," Austen told the cameras.

Austen admitted he met up with Ciara because his love interest Olivia Flowers brought a blind date to the dog wedding.

Despite his rendezvous with Ciara, Austen insisted, "I like, really like Olivia."

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Austen Kroll, Ciara Miller
Austen Kroll, Ciara Miller

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Whitney treated the group to a weekend at Frank Lloyd Wright's Auldbrass Plantation. So the group boarded a party bus and headed to Yemassee, South Carolina — everyone except for Kathryn Dennis, who didn't think she and boyfriend Chleb Ravenell should go on the trip.

"I just feel like we've been fighting so much," Kathryn told Chleb. "Maybe we should definitely take a break."

Chleb agreed.

Kathryn Dennis
Kathryn Dennis

Kathryn Dennis/Instagram Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell

"I'm really regretting getting back together with Chleb because I think it was a weak move of mine," Kathryn said in a confessional interview. "It's better to be alone than with someone you can't trust."

The bus continued without Kathryn and Chleb, but not without any drama. Austen asked Olivia if she brought a date along for the weekend and while she did not, Olivia said she had a "super fun" time with her blind date at the dog wedding.

Austen, however, didn't have the best time. "I was on the altar with my f---ing ex," he said of Madison LeCroy.

That got Austen started on a rant trashing Madison. "I generally have more fun when I don't have to see her face," Austen said.

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Whitney welcomed the bus when it arrived and showed everyone to their rooms, saving some special options for Naomie to choose from. Whitney then shared that the itinerary for the day included ATVing, horseback riding and lunch.

Naomie, Olivia and Shep's girlfriend Taylor Ann Green touched base about their dating lives after horseback riding. Naomie did not mention her hookup with Whitney, but she did say she lacked any dating prospects. And she filled in Olivia on the fact that Austen hung out with Ciara after the dog wedding.

"He did that because he had feelings for you and he thought you were like going on dates with other people," Naomie told Olivia.

"Being retaliation, that's not okay," Olivia responded.

Southern Charm Season 8 - Olivia Flowers
Southern Charm Season 8 - Olivia Flowers


Naomie thought that Austen's behavior stemmed from his "tit for tat" relationship with Madison.

"I just want him to be able to trust another person," Olivia said "Like how it was with Madison, it's not like that with everyone."

Over on the guys' side, Craig recapped his conversation with Naomie at the dog wedding to Austen. Austen used the opportunity to inform Craig about Whitney and Naomie's hookup, but refused to tell Craig how he found out about it. Whitney overheard and stepped in.

"We don't need to explain ourselves in any capacity," Whitney told a heated Craig.

Whitney Sudler-Smith, Naomi Olindo, Craig Conover
Whitney Sudler-Smith, Naomi Olindo, Craig Conover

Stephanie Diani/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty (3)

The entire group convened by a bonfire for drinks, and the conversation about Whitney and Naomie continued. Whitney actually apologized for what he said earlier, and Craig tried to brush it off.

"I don't understand her obsession with you, but like, whatever, it's your life," Craig said to Whitney.

Craig thought Whitney broke "bro code."

"I think it's shady of Whitney," Craig said in a confessional. "The bro code rules are complicated at times, I understand that, but it's still my ex-girlfriend. Like what the f---?"

Shep told Craig he shouldn't take Whitney and Naomie hooking up personally, but Craig said, "I was just disappointed when I heard that."

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But then Shep and Whitney piled on Craig. "You've actually become more of an a--hole," Whitney said to Craig.

Craig accused Shep of being "terrible to me."

"You were awful to me," Craig said. "You went against all of my entrepreneurship."

Shep told the cameras, "Craig's anger is directed towards Naomie and Whitney being together, so he's lashing out."

Leva tried to explain to Shep that his brand of tough love "doesn't land" for Craig.

"This is not a f---ing kumbaya. That's not how I have any f---ing relationships in my f---ing life," Shep responded, adding, "I'm not going to change."

Shep Rose
Shep Rose

Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

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Olivia didn't want to be too vocal about an issue that didn't involve her, but told Craig, "I'm with you."

­"For years obviously we've been f---ing with you and we feel bad," Whitney said.

Whitney and Shep admitted they didn't realize how sensitive Craig could be, and Craig took that as a dig.

"They're doing anything they can to justify their behavior," Craig said. "Sounds like a lot of jealousy and deflection."

That caused Shep to fall over in his chair as the bonfire raged on.

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