Source Reveals Joe Jonas "Ring Cam" Footage of Sophie Turner and It's Truly NBD

Source Reveals Joe Jonas "Ring Cam" Footage of Sophie Turner and It's Truly NBD

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's split has taken a turn for the acrimonious thanks to a new lawsuit, and sources are shedding light on how things became so dramatic.

“Nobody thought things would get this nasty between Joe and Sophie,” a source tells Us Weekly in their new cover story. “Friends are hopeful they can be mature for the sake of the kids, but neither one is going to acquiesce to the other. This could go on for a very long time."

Re: their decision to split up, the source notes, “Sophie didn’t want to always be ‘the Jonas brother’s wife.' She didn’t want to go on tour and do everything together. It’s not her personality, and she wanted to keep their family separate from all the Jonas Brothers hoopla.”

This insider also revealed the subject of the Ring Cam footage Joe saw, and it was simply Sophie talking about him somewhat negatively to a friend: "It wasn’t anything more than that, but that was the final straw.”

Another source notes that Joe's busy tour schedule took a toll on the relationship, saying “Being a mom on the road is not easy, even when you have unlimited resources. It was just hard for them to settle into a regular routine because of Joe’s career especially.”

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And there's also a ANOTHER source, who has this to say regarding the reason for their split: “Sophie says Joe was too controlling. She also said Joe liked to flirt a little too much while out in public, but then he wouldn’t like it when she would get too close to her male friends. It was clear their marriage was crumbling.”

This insider also noted that the pair are speaking through lawyers only, and that “Sophie is focused on motherhood, coparenting her girls with Joe and her work projects, in that order. She didn’t plan on being a single mom, but that’s what’s happening, so she’s making the best of it.”

Meanwhile, yet! another! source!!!! says that Sophie's sisters-in-law Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Danielle Jonas are "being supportive of both of them. It’s a difficult time. They’re very busy, but wish Sophie and Joe the best in working it out."

*takes deep breath* that's all for now.

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