Sound Off for Oct. 28, 2023

No extremists

I hope voters are paying attention to the chaos the Republicans have created in the House of Representatives. They are acting like a bunch of third-graders fighting over a ball. It is embarrassing.

It is ludicrous how some Republicans are trying to blame the Democrats for their mess. The Dems have nothing to do with the Republicans’ incompetence and inadequacy to elect a Republican majority House speaker. The extremists kicked McCarthy out for depending on bipartisan votes. Get rid of the extreme far-right MAGAS in Congress and our country will run the way it is supposed to.

Energy future

Whether it’s electric, solar power, hydrogen, cow manure, or rubber bands, gasoline-powered vehicles are eventually going to be replaced but probably not in our lifetime. Electric vehicles are not yet practical and may never be, simply for the reasons you argue and some we have yet to realize. It’s as inevitable as the invention of the wheel or the horse-drawn cart. We still have both.

Economy growing

The naysayers had me believing that the economy is doing poorly, even though my lifestyle does not support this. Now I learn that the U.S. GDP is 4.9% up from 2.1% last quarter. Just goes to show that just because you hear something over and over does not make it true. It means you are being indoctrinated!

Buy electric

Since electric cars became popular, the Republicans have denounced them. Many of the leaders of the party make their money from investing in the sale of fossil fuels, so every electric car sold is taking money away from their pockets.

However, if you are just an average working Republican, you do not make money from the sale of gas. You just pay higher gas prices to make rich people richer. I bought my first electric car this summer. I received $10,000 off of the ticket price just for buying it. I received a good trade-in price, and I have free charges for two years. My car has great pickup and rides like a dream. So now, I have no oil changes and do not care about the price of gas since I never enter a gas station. Also, my battery is fully covered. Just about every car maker offers an electric car. Quit b------g about electric cars and go try one out. I will never go back to the gas station ever again.

Stay healthy

Having access to health care is very important for every citizen. However, the state of Mississippi’s people are also personally responsible for their health. No amount of insurance will help a person if you have not taken care of yourself. Just look around at the amount of obese people. This leads to Type 2 diabetes leading to a host of other health issues. Take responsibility for your own health.

Ignoring reality

Donald Trump walked out of the courtroom after Michael Cohen’s testimony and declared he just won the trial. In reality, he lost before the trial began, and everyone knows it, but he never lets something as irrelevant as the truth get in the way of the fantasy world he lives in. You can actually go back decades and watch this same scenario play out in many, many court cases. Look it up: Video doesn’t lie. He is not capable of admitting he lost anything because that would make him a mere mortal like the rest of us and not the exalted one. I can’t figure out why the MAGAs refuse to see this, or see it and choose to ignore it.

Equal justice?

If the federal prosecutors came after me with their unlimited funds and resources, I would for sure plead guilty for community service and a misdemeanor with house arrest. I could not afford fighting the charges with legal fees. Give me good deal and my mother is guilty.

Is there equal justice?

End strike

You got to be kidding. The United Auto Workers (union) has been offered 23%, plus other benefits, and they stay on strike, and now some misguided congressmen want to authorize unemployment benefits. I was in a union and our dues went specifically to cover strike benefits. Say no to unemployment benefits for all who have jobs and choose not to work.