Sound Off for Nov. 27, 2021

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Lock them up

Looking at the present criminal and liberal legal circumstances, I feel much of this infrastructure money should be spent for increased prisons. I had rather take my chances with an old highway or bridge than shopping at a local mall or store with potential criminals out of bail with multiple previous charges. If these judges and district attorneys don’t protect the innocent citizens, they are as guilty as the perpetrators.

Same here

I live in Waveland on the west end of Jeff Davis. We have also noticed the phenomenon of the disappearance of squirrels and birds. Perhaps they have come to their senses and left Mississippi.

Saucier too

I live in Saucier and would like to know what is happening too. The bird population has diminished, especially cardinals, doves, etc. I realize many birds migrate but many birds are here year round. My feeders use to be bustling with birds but this fall is quieter.

They’ll be back

This is to “what happened,” asking about the animals in Waveland. It’s called “fall dearth” and goes by some other names, the syndrome of common feeder birds and some other animals abandoning feeders because there is so much natural food in autumn. They’ll be back.

One take

If opportunities for education and jobs were truly fair, there would not be any civil unrest.

The president

Will everyone who thinks that President Biden is of sound mental faculties to carry out his duties please stand? I thought so.

Falling prices

I noticed that the price of gas has dropped to $2.79 this morning. Can’t our president do something about the price dropping? Turkeys were the same price I paid last year as well.

Way to go

It was good to read Leonard Pitts Jr in the Sun Herald. He brings balance because we are a very red state and we seldom get to read an excellent reporter like Pitts. Keep trying to be a balanced newspaper for Mississippi.

Not so fast

Upon reading the story about the Rittenhouse trial written by Leonard Pitts Jr., I must say that he got it all wrong. He is making it as a race issue, saying Rittenhouse was found not guilty because he is white and that could not be further from the truth. We have the best judicial system in the world. When someone is charged with a crime, they are judged by 12 people of the community. Leonard Pitts should realize that those 12 people took their task very seriously. He should stop playing the race card. This trial was not about race at all.

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