Sound Off for May 29

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The problem is guns

I now believe the world is laughing at us. The killings in Uvalde are tragic, disgraceful and shameful. The problem is not our youth. The problem is adults who vote for the NRA and irresponsible gun ownership over the lives of our children. The U.Ss is the only country in the world that this happens and we as adults just let it keep happening. Countries laugh because we fail to change it.

Uvalde vs. Mississippi

After seeing the effectiveness of public safety in Texas, I can’t help but wonder if the public would be any better off under similar circumstances here in Mississippi.

Thank you for what?

Please let us know how President Joe Biden has been standing up to Russia and China. I am at a loss as I look at the world we live in today.

Protect the lives of children

Sen. Roger Wicker says the mass killings are a “societal problem.” He is correct but is unwilling so far to support more stringent background checks and funds for “red flag” enforcement. Both of our senators should join other Republican senators to pass the necessary legislation. Mississippi want to be on the right side of protecting children’s lives.

The right and the left

The trouble with the right versus the left is once you shoot one eye out, you’ve lost the ability of depth perception to any visible issue. We need both sides to focus on meaningful solutions. While my thoughts and prayers are sincere, my ability to work with others is what makes positive change.

Texas lawsuits

In Texas, it’s legal to sue anyone connected to an abortion. So why not sue anyone connected to mass killings?

Won’t work this time

Sound Off writers are trying to change the conversation away from the homegrown terrorists who are attacking Americans here by citing possible “would be illegal terrorists” coming across our border. Won’t work this time. The facts are all over the news.

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