Sound Off for May 26, 2022

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Other solutions

Haters are going to hate and litterers are going to litter. Signs and threats of fines don’t work because police much catch them in the act and be willing to issue a ticket. Start by educating children in school and home to not litter. Encourage clubs and organizations to adopt a portion of a road to cleanup on a regular basis.

Video games

Texas tragedy. My condolences to the families. Maybe it’s time to look at the video games your children are playing. The shows on TV they watch. They removed cigarettes from TV shows because they were bad for you. Maybe it’s time to remove guns from TV and video games.

Not the guns

It’s not about the guns or gun laws. It’s about the lack of respect for life. It’s about lack of accountability. Lack of the family structure. Lack of discipline. We have so many children who are growing up angry. They are no one’s priority and they know it. And where is God in our country? Our problem isn’t the guns. It’s our society.

No action

Two teachers, 19 children killed. Now, Congress, do what you do best ... nothing.

Be tough

Do we need more gun control or do we need enforcement of current gun laws? The courts must start prosecuting, to the fullest extent of the law, those who are breaking the law. Adding more laws will do nothing.

Not a fan

With all that is going on in the world, you could only find an article about Erin Napier being spotted at the airport on the front page? Really?

Stop it

Three of yesterday’s Sound Offs mentioned our open borders. We do not have open borders. No one crosses into the U.S. without being vetted. This vetting process takes a long time for all of these people waiting. Please quit repeating this lie.

Ignoring war

The last time the United States ignored a war, Pearl Harbor was bombed. Sure, our economy is a concern, but a threat to democracy is worst. We can get through inflation and gas shortages. We’ve done it many times.

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