Sound Off for Jan. 29, 2022

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A question

Why are cat owners exempt from leash laws?

Good point?

I agree with Elon Musk who recently said, “if you scare people enough they will demand the removal of freedom. This is the path to tyranny.” Democrats, chained to their leftist flank, have been inexorably enslaved to an agenda of fear since the pandemic began. For the first year of Biden’s Administration, fear has clamped down on the country like a vise, and has been used to justify unconstitutional measures and harmful impositions. For the left it’s still not enough. They want a complete lock down until COVID is zero, which is impossible.

Better communication

Weeks ago a car hauler hit the Interstate 10 bridge over the Pearl River that crosses into Louisiana. Since I work over there, I can tell you there are no signs of the bridge being repaired, other than backed up traffic and orange cones and barrels. Come on, MDOT, do you think it is magically going to heal itself?

Media questions

I am Interested in how news is reported. Fox News has multiple stories about crime in America and police shootings. CNN reports some crime but generally ignores the police being shot. MSNBC is silent. I guess the real question is why does the liberal media want to downplay crime or is FOX just making it up?

An explanation

Time and again, I see individuals attempting to denigrate a controversial topic by stating that it is “only a theory.” These people would seem to be ignorant of scientific methodology. I will attempt to explain how a theory is developed. To begin with, a scientist makes an observation of a phenomena. From that observation, they develop a hypothesis to explain the phenomena. Next, the scientist will begin a series of tests to determine if the hypothesis is correct. If the data is positive and can be reproduced, their hypothesis becomes a theory. As an example, evolution is a well established theory. Whereas, creationism, no matter the god involved, remains an hypothesis. I hope this explanation will clarify what is and isn’t a theory and future contributors to Sound Off will use the term accurately.

Rising prices

I joust returned from one of our local “dollar” stores and all of a sudden most of the items prices have increased to $1.25. While it is only a quarter, it amounts to a 25% increase. That is a huge increase considering Social Security raised its payments to seniors by 5.9% and most other employers gave their employees much less, if anything. Does this mean that they will raise their employees salary from $10.00 an hour to $12.50?

Just in case

I’ve had a gun in my house for over 30 years and never had to use it. It’s the same as the fire extinguisher I have. They are there in case I do need them.

Immigration issue

Please someone explain to me why U.S. citizens have to jump through hoops to come back into the country after travels, but thousands are pouring through our borders without restrictions. Does not make sense that law-abiding, taxpaying citizens can’t come into United States after travel abroad, but immigrants have no responsibilities. I’m not happy with the situation and it keeps getting worse.

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