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Sony Honda Mobility officially unveils its Afeela EV concept at CES 2023

The Vision-S 02 electric SUV is now the Afeela.

Andrew Tarantola / Engadget

In March of 2022, Honda and Sony shocked the world by announcing that not only were the venerable electronics and automotive manufacturers were teaming up, they were doing so to build a battery electric SUV. By June, the project had been spun of into its own company and less than a year after being announced, Sony Honda Mobility took to the CES 2023 stage to officially unveil its first prototype. The Vision-S 02 is now the Afeela.

Afeela sensors
Afeela sensors (Sony Honda Mobility)

Sony executives shared a few details about the upcoming vehicle including that it has 14 exterior cameras — 45 of them in total! — as well as a grille-mounted “Media Bar” that will display pertinent charging and vehicle information, "which allows intelligent mobility to express itself to surrounding people using light, enabling interactive communication between mobility and people," according to Wednesday's release. SHM also noted that online pre-orders will begin in mid-2025 ahead of deliveries scheduled for spring of 2026. We'll have a hands-on from the show floor on Thursday, stay tuned!