Soft Services Releases a New Hand Treatment That Will Leave Hands Feeling Baby Skin Soft

Winter is coming, and Soft Services is prepared, returning once again with another stellar body care treatment. The brand has launched Theraplush Overnight Repair Treatment, an overnight retinol hand cream that will leave your hands feeling manicured and fresh 24/7.

Theraplush is a medium-dense fragrance-free cream that coats the hands in a soft, waxy layer of nourishment overnight has a formula that contains .05% pure retinol and 1% colloidal oatmeal. The treatment is designed for evening the appearance of spotty skin, cuticle maintenance and plumping thin and delicate skin with moisture. Soft Service began developing Theraplush in 2020 as the new normal of increased hand washing and sanitizing settled in, bringing new damage to the hands on top of everyday wear, tear and aging.

Instead of developing just another hydrating hand cream, the team wanted to focus on when hands aren't in use and will most likely be able to benefit from the use of the product most: nighttime. Also aesthetically packaged, Theraplush houses a six-week treatment and can be incorporated into every bit of your night routine.

Theraplush Overnight Repair Treatment cream retails for $58 USD and the refill pod retails for $36 USD and can be purchased via Soft Services' website.