Sofia Richie Grainge announces pregnancy with ‘Vogue’ photoshoot

For young celebrities in the public eye today, many of life’s milestones are accompanied by a glossy magazine feature — or perhaps a carefully-staged paparazzi shoot, depending on the narrative at hand.

It could be the announcement of a new professional venture or personal success; a “revenge body” reveal if there’s a failed relationship to bounce back from or a wedding dress reveal if love — and luxe confetti — is in the air. And then, of course, there’s the time-honored tradition of the fashion shoot-meets-baby-bump-debut.

Sofia Richie Grainge is the latest star to partake in this trend, with a “Vogue” spread released Thursday featuring her in bump-baring shirts, tank tops and even some loose tailoring as a means of confirming her first pregnancy.

(Richie Grainge and her husband, the music executive Elliot Grainge, were married last April in a ceremony which was also splashed across “Vogue.”)

Richie Grainge told “Vogue” she learned of her pregnancy after a whirlwind trip to Milan Fashion Week last fall, when it turned out what she first thought to be jet-lag was an early bout of morning sickness.

“I told everyone that I had bought them a gift from Milan,” the fashion influencer told the magazine of how she and Grainge then hid her positive pregnancy tests in designer gift boxes. “That’s how we told all of our parents. Watching their reaction go from like, ‘I’m about to get an expensive present’ to like ‘I’m about to get a grandchild’ was really sweet.”

“I’ve learned more in the past six months than I have in my entire life,” Richie Grainge continued, confirming that her baby — a girl — will be due in the late spring. “And also just like what the female body is capable of. Every week brings new things, whether it’s hormonal shifts or expansion — there’s just so much our bodies go through, and it’s so interesting to experience it all.”

Having kept her news among close family and friends until today, Richie Grainge acknowledged stepping back from the social media platforms where her “It girl” aesthetic is widely-followed (and widely-envied) during the early stages of her pregnancy. That was a conscious choice, she said: “I’m definitely not posting as much. It’s been hard for me to have that connection with my followers when I can’t really be honest,” she explained.

And while she will be back in their feeds moving forward, it will be with some new boundaries in mind. “I’m not going to publicize my child on Instagram,” Richie Grainge said. “I don’t plan to take that approach because I want my kid to have the option to do what she wants with her life. If she wants to be a private person, I want her to be able to make that choice.”

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