Social Media Casts Judge Arthur Engoron In Imagined Donald Trump Trial Sitcom

Judge Arthur Engoron is currently presiding over Donald Trump’sfraud trial in New York, but some folks on social media are already imagining a showbiz career for him.

The chatter started on Monday, the first day of the trial, after Engoron reacted to a camera in the courtroom with an expression that couch potatoes raised on 1990s sitcoms will immediately recognize as “slightly-exasperated-but-still-amused supporting character.”

You can see it in this video courtesy of SkyNews.

Someone in the courtroom can be heard chuckling at Engoron’s antics (and it definitely wasn’t Trump).

Of course, once social media users saw the judge’s facial expressions, they immediately started making memes imagining the trial as a sitcom.

And, yes, people were amused.

While many users of X, formerly known as Twitter, were entertained by the sitcom references, it was no joke to Trump’s advocates and supporters.

Former White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley posted a pearl-clutching tweet that suggested Engoron’s double take to the cameras was planned to look like a sitcom.

Meanwhile, “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade called Engoron “a clown” on Tuesday’s show and accused the judge of fame-seeking, Mediaite reported.

“This smile is so unbelievable! And it just shows you what a carnival ... what a joke this whole thing is!” Kilmeade gripes in a “Fox & Friends” clip Mediaite posted. “This judge thinks this is his moment of fame. He adjusts his hair. He takes off his glasses. Big smile on his face, it’s going to be such an exciting day. I get to pretend! I get to be judge and jury over the next three months!”

Engoron ruled last week that Trump committed fraud in his business dealings. The current trial is focused on six remaining claims.

A ruling against Trump could force the former president to sell off his New York properties and pay a fine in excess of $250 million.