UPDATE: Storm delivers more snow than expected in Boise; car crashes into school bus

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A heavy band of snow swept through the Boise area on Thursday afternoon, but it tapered off before 5 p.m.

Although initially predicting less than an inch of snow from the storm, NWS meteorologists changed the forecast to about two inches to fall.

“We weren’t anticipating it to be as heavy as it ended up being today,” NWS meteorologist Stefanie Henry told the Idaho Statesman. “There will be some showers behind this tonight and overnight that we might see light snow or a light mix of precipitation. But those will be isolated.”

Accumulating snow caused some slick driving conditions, but with temperatures remaining around 32 degrees, which is the freezing point, Henry expected the snow to be easily treatable.

“Our forecast for the low is only a couple degrees cooler than it is right now,” Henry said. “So it should hopefully be good conditions to melt the roads at least a little bit for the rest of the day. And then especially if they treated the roads beforehand.”

Boise Police reported on Twitter that it dealt with several automobile crashes Thursday afternoon, including a vehicle that slid into the back of a school bus around 3:30 p.m.

Children were on board the bus but nobody was injured in the incident, according to the tweet. The driver was cited for driving too fast under adverse conditions.