Snowboard star Mark McMorris reveals his biggest fear

Whether it’s on snow or concrete, riding a half pipe, ramp, jump, rail, or a trail off the beaten path, Olympic snowboarding star and all-around extreme sport junkie Mark McMorris takes on his objectives without fear, even now after nearly losing his life in a devastating crash less than a year ago.

Instead, what scares McMorris is something that he can’t conquer with just a little more power, or balance, or technique. The fear of failure, and the thought of not living up to his immense potential, is what drives him to be better every day.

“I just always want to do my best,” he says. “That’s what brings me ultimate joy.”

Conquering fears, for most, usually requires mustering enough confidence to face them. And only then do they see the benefits of empowerment and self-improvement. Because that fear exists omnipresent for McMorris, it’s no wonder why he’s already reached such incredible heights.

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