Snoop Dogg’s new game show has you guessing what the heck Wiz Khalifa’s talking about

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

It’s been a good week in game shows. Snoop Dogg started hosting the newly revamped game show The Joker’s Wild for TBS, and he’s put every bit of his own spin on it. One segment is named “‘Nuff Said With Wiz Khalifa.” Wiz Khalifa giddily says a simple word or phrase, and the contestants have to guess what the rapper is talking about.  

Jeopardy! contestant Nan Bauer hilariously explained what a wild card she is by recounting the time she “OD’d” on museums. She told Alex Trebek, “We went to Amsterdam, and they have a fantastic museum card, and they’ve got about a hundred museums. And we said, ‘We’re going for it.’ So we saw about 16 in four or five days, I think.”

And of course, a week in game shows wouldn’t be complete without Steve Harvey. On Family Feud, Harvey hilariously admitted that he woke up on a plane with a wet shirt from drooling, only to look over at the person next to him staring incredulously.

Was Steve Harvey offended by this ‘Family Feud’ answer on ‘This Week in Game Shows’?

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