‘SNL’s Weekend Update Takes On Nick Cannon’s Spending At Disneyland & The New McDonald’s Spinoff CosMc’s

Michael Che and Michael Jost were a little off during this week’s “Weekend Update” segment on Saturday Night Live.

“It’s going to be one of those nights,” Che joked during the live show.

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Che and Jost still delivered some zingers that made the live audience laugh out loud having to do with Nick Cannon’s spending at Disneyland and the McDonald’s spinoff CosMc’s.

Cannon reported this week that he spends about $200K a year taking his children, which as of this report there are a total of 12, to Disneyland.

“That’s how bad condoms feel,” Che quipped.

During another portion of the episode, Che also noted that McDonald’s had started testing out a new concept called CosMc’s that focuses on drinks.

“It’s exactly like regular McDonald’s, except that at CosMc’s the mascot is, oh, no, Cosby McDonald,” Che joked referring to Bill Cosby’s sexual assault of minors claims.

Donald Trump is a favorite topic for Che and Jost and this week it was not the exception. Jost talked about Trump opening up about getting depressed and “stopped eating” after his failed 2020 presidential campaign.

“It was not that I was not eating, it was that I was eating too much,” Jost read a statement from Trump.

Jost would then joke saying, “Wow, good save. That’s like when a rumor went around middle school that I had peed my pants and I was like, ‘Jokes on you, cause I actually pooped them.'”

Joe Biden was also the punchline of a joke when early on in the segment, Che talked about Hunter Biden potentially facing up to 17 years in prison if found guilty of claims against him.

“If convicted Hunter Biden could face up to 17 years in prison,” Che said, before delivering the punchline of the joke, “Which would be the first time any Biden has successfully completed a sentence.”

Watch “Weekend Update” above and below.

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