SNL Video: Ryan Gosling Can’t Let Go of Ken, Even With Help From Emily Blunt (and a Taylor Swift Song)

Ryan Gosling had the best time playing Ken in Barbie… and he’s not ready to hang up his rollerblades just yet.

As the host of this week’s Saturday Night Live, Gosling assured fans during his monologue: “I’m not going to make any jokes about Ken… because it’s not funny.” Yes, he and his beloved character “had to break up,” he shared, and it hasn’t been easy on him. To get over the heartache, Gosling sat down at a piano and sang a Ken-ergized version of Taylor’s Swift’s “All Too Well,” donning his Ken sunglasses and fur coat to give us the full effect: “I was just Ken, and now I’m just Ryan.”

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But just as he was going full Ken, Emily Blunt — who stars with Gosling in the upcoming movie The Fall Guy — stepped out on stage to put an end to the madness. She wanted him to promote their movie, but “you’re Kenning right now! And I hate there’s even a verb!” She even cracked him over the head with a beer bottle after he went back to singing with pink Barbie backup dancers, but that didn’t stop Gosling. In face, he asked Blunt if she ever misses her Oppenheimer character Kitty, and she had to admit she did, joining him in the sing-a-long with special Oppenheimer-inspired lyrics. #Barbenheimer rides again!

Watch Gosling’s full monologue above, and grade this week’s SNL in our poll.

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