SNL: Tina Fey and Candice Bergen Welcome Emma Stone to 5-Timers Club

Emma Stone this weekend joined Saturday Night Live‘s 5-Timers Club with her latest turn as host — and Candice Bergen and Tina Fey were on hand to properly commemorate the feat.

Clad in the always plush-looking 5-Timers Club robe, Fey interrupted Stone’s opening monologue to congratulate the actress on joining their ranks. Fey noted that at age 35, Stone is the (increasingly less-exclusive) club’s youngest member.

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Fey then related a story about how the 5-Timers Club room now has a women’s section, founded by comedy icon Candice Bergen. That was Bergen’s cue to also come out on stage, and explain how the women’s section at first was just a “small, quiet place to cry.” But now it’s a “big, luxurious place to cry.”

Along the way, Bergen and Fey teamed up on a joke about how a peephole with a view of the men’s section once gave Bergen quite a scare, when she saw a creepy ventriloquist’s dummy — but that was just John Mulaney, Fey corrected her.

Following a crack about how 30 Rock‘s audience of six million viewers was not even a lot back in the 2010s, Fey and Bergen again congratted Stone on becoming a part of SNL herstory.

Watch the segment above, and grade this weekend’s SNL:

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