SNL parodies Mare of Easttown accents in hilarious 'Murdur Durdur' sketch

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A murder was committed and a law enforcer with a thick Pennsylvania accent is on the case. Natch.

A Saturday Night Live sketch inspired by Kate Winslet's role in HBO's Mare of Easttown posits Kate McKinnon as a "grizzled lady detective" searching for answers "in a small town somewhere between New York and D.C."

The unique accent is what makes the spoof detective series Murdur Durdur hilarious, as murdur replaces the word murder and durdur stands in for daughter.

"My durdur had a baby durdur and they murdured her!" says Beck Bennett, in the sketch below.

The drama series that inspired the sketch stars British actress Winslet as a detective trying to solve the recent murder of a teenage mother in the suburbs of Philadelphia. McKinnon's character is described as "an actress with a messy ponytail that says forget I'm actually British."

In a blink and you missed it moment back at police headquarters, photos of Pennsylvania natives Tina Fey, Questlove, and Sylvester Stallone's Rocky character Rocky Balboa were pinned on an evidence board of the case. Gritty, the beloved mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, also made a cameo appearance.

Episode host Elon Musk appears briefly as a priest who is later revealed to be the durdur murdurer.

Watch the sketch in full above.

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