‘SNL': Kate McKinnon’s Creepy TMI Alien Abductee Gets a Tearful Sendoff in Cold Open (Video)

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‘SNL': Kate McKinnon’s Creepy TMI Alien Abductee Gets a Tearful Sendoff in Cold Open (Video)

One of the things that established Kate McKinnon as one of the all-time “SNL” greats is her TMI-inflicting alien abductee Miss Rafferty. So it is on what is apparently her final appearance as a regular cast member, “SNL” opened with a cold open sketch featuring Rafferty once again escalating how gross and explicit she gets describing what happened to her. And yes, as always it was hilarious.

In this installment, the government agents questioning abductees were once again played by Aidy Bryant and Mikey Day, while McKinnon’s fellow abductees were once again played by Cecily Strong and the show’s host, in this case Natasha Lyonee.

As always, they joke is that two of the alien abductees had a remarkably easy time during their abductions, with the experience being either fun or just spiritually profound. But of course Miss Rafferty’s experience was humiliating in some way. And in this installment, the humiliations involved her public hair. We could transcribe it, but as always the joke depends on McKinnon’s total commitment to the bit and her deadpanned, uncanny ability to say the most ridiculous stuff without laughing — and of course it’s always fun to see if McKinnon can get the show’s current host to corpse. (Not this time.)

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But this time the sketch ended with a clear goodbye to McKinnon: The government agents inform the abductees that the aliens have offered to share some of their technology — if one of the abductees will agree to go with them and leave earth permanently.

Of course, that person turned out to be McKinnon’s Rafferty, and as she left as part of a parody of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” just before giving the “Live from New York” part of the cold open she basically thanked the audience and the show for their years together. Yes, with tears visible in her eyes, just like you watching it.

Watch the full sketch above.

McKinnon and Bryant are two of the 4 (apparently) confirmed cast to exit after this season — Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney are also leaving. They’re obviously both all-timers, so it’s a bummer to see them leaving “SNL.” Luckily Cecily Strong, also one of the all time greats, hasn’t announced she’s leaving. Here’s hoping she’s back next season.