‘SNL’ Alum Melissa Villaseñor Shows Off Her Gwen Stefani Impression – to Gwen Stefani: ‘Can You Just Do That Again?’ (Video)

Like any good “Saturday Night Live” veteran, Melissa Villaseñor has an entire arsenal of celebrity impressions in her back pocket. But arguably her best is that of Gwen Stefani — and she finally got to do it to the singer’s face. Good news: Stefani loved it.

The two met for the first time on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” though as Villaseñor noted, they have tangentially interacted online before. When the “SNL” alum thanked Stefani for reposting some of the videos of her impression of the singer, Stefani noted that it was truly “an honor” to be spoofed.

“I mean, I always say you’ve made it if somebody like, dresses up for Halloween as you or makes fun of you,” Stefani joked.

That said, Clarkson admitted she’d never seen Villaseñor’s impression of Stefani — so naturally, the comedian busted it out. But she also had to take a moment to point out the dangers of doing it in her everyday life.

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“So, you know, No Doubt comes on the radio, or Gwen, you come on the radio, and I’m driving — it is dangerous, because I get so into your impression, and it’s not safe, you know?” Villaseñor, who departed “SNL” ahead of the new season, said. “I can’t drive.”

Naturally, she then fully went into that impression, prompting raucous laughter from both Clarkson and Stefani. “Do that again!” Stefani said through her laughter. “Can you just do that again?”

And of course, Villaseñor was happy to oblige. You can watch the full moment from Monday’s episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in the video above.