Snacks left for delivery drivers get wholesome reaction. ‘Capri Suns are my favorite!’

Screengrab from @toniraebarnett on TikTok

The holiday season can be a stressful time for delivery drivers, but a Kentucky couple has managed to brighten some of their days.

Leaving a wide variety of snacks and drinks in a cart on their doorstep, Toni Hillison Barnett and Jason Barnett have captured the priceless reactions of drivers for FedEx and UPS.

You guys are the best,” a UPS deliverer said in one video shared on TikTok as he walked to the door step.

He took pictures of the assortment and rummaged through them, finding exactly what he needed.

“Capri Suns are my favorite!” he said.

@toniraebarnett Snacks for our delivery drivers. This reaction might be one of the best! #snackcart #fyp #ups #nestcam #christmas #delivery #foryou ♬ Here Comes Santa Claus - Gene Autry

UPS commented on the video, thanking the family “for putting a smile on our driver’s face.”

Jason Barnett said his wife puts out the treat cart each year for holiday deliveries.

She shared a video in November of her filling the cart with various drinks, chips, popcorn and granola bars.

“I live for these reactions,” Hillison Barnett said in a Facebook post.

Her initial TikTok post has more than 100,000 views since it was uploaded at the end of November.

When the UPS driver returned, he thanked the couple for helping him go viral.

“You guys are awesome! Thank you,” he said as he picks his snack.

@toniraebarnett Replying to @itskatiepatton Dee is back again and we had the @caprisun waiting! TY tiktok for making this awesome @ups driver go viral!! The world needs more of his energy & attitude! #snackcart #ups #caprisun #wholesome #fyp #foryoupage #christmas ♬ Linus And Lucy - 2022 Mix - Vince Guaraldi Trio

A separate video was also shared of a FedEx driver’s joyful reaction to seeing the treat cart.

“It’s like grocery shopping,” he said as he picks up a soft drink and chips.

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