How Smish Design’s Art Is Playing A Role In Political Protests

Sensing a shift in the political space in India, Smish Designs began channelling her anger and concern through her art. A self-taught illustrator, she started posting her political art on Instagram and has now earned an audience of nearly 60,000 followers. Her art has also been widely shared and prominently featured at multiple protests in the past years.

Although she wishes to remain anonymous, in one of her first face-to-face interviews, Smish opens up about the fears she has about being vocal and anti-establishment. Trolling and bullying are all part and parcel of being a woman online and the artist reveals how it has sometimes aggravated her anxiety, but she has chosen to persevere in the face of adversity.

(Interviewed and produced by Sherina Poyyail; video edited by Nang Tanvi)

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