Smile 2's chilling first trailer has arrived

naomi scott, smile 2 teaser trailer
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Smile 2 is creeping into cinemas in time for Halloween, and we now have the first chilling trailer for the horror sequel.

After a viral marketing campaign for popstar Skye Riley, the trailer confirmed that – as many suspected – this is the character played by Naomi Scott in Smile 2 who, unfortunately for her, becomes the latest victim of the smiling curse.

The trailer even shows how Skye is 'infected' when Lukas Gage's character Lewis shows up at her home, and violently kills himself in front of her with a weight. Ouch.

Needless to say, Skye is freaked out when she starts seeing people smiling at her everywhere she goes. The trailer ends with an unsettling interaction with a young fan who is either a hallucination or just an over-eager fan.

naomi scott, smile 2 teaser trailer
smile 2 teaser trailer

As mentioned above, Skye Riley's latest single 'Blood on White Satin' has been promoted over the past few days.

There was no direct link to Smile 2, but Bloody Disgusting was the first to speculate on the connection.

A lyric video for 'Blood on White Satin' even hid some footage from the upcoming horror sequel, as a grainy old house momentarily intercuts with a stage performance from Skye herself.

naomi scott, smile 2 teaser trailer

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Smile, released in 2022, saw Sosie Bacon's therapist Rose haunted by a patient's suicide, whose nightmarish death triggers a string of events that lead Rose to question her sanity.

In the end, she revisits her childhood home to face some unresolved trauma. It's revealed that Rosie has been hallucinating, with the 'smile' curse taking its true form and crawling inside her. She's then found setting herself ablaze.

On that horrifying ending, Bacon explained: "I don't think I would have done it if it had a happy ending. That would have been so unsatisfying to me. It was so dark. For it to just be okay would've been sad."

Smile 2 will be released in cinemas on October 18.

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