Smile 2 trailer confirms returning character's dark fate

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Smile 2 trailer reveals returning character's fateParamount

Smile 2's chilling first trailer has arrived after a smart viral marketing campaign that introduced the world to popstar Skye Riley.

As many suspected, Skye is the lead character of the horror sequel, played by Aladdin and Charlie's Angels star Naomi Scott. The trailer reveals that Skye is the new victim of the smiling curse, having witnessed the violent suicide of Lukas Gage's character Lewis.

But eagle-eyed fans will have spotted that the Smile 2 trailer also confirmed that Kyle Gallner's returning character Joel is set to meet a dark fate in the sequel.

Potential Smile 2 spoilers ahead – if we're correct anyway.

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If you need your memory refreshed, police detective Joel was the ex-boyfriend of Rose (Sosie Bacon) in the first movie. She turned to him for help when she became the latest victim of the curse, and Joel helped her uncover the sinister truth behind it.

The curse feeds on trauma and nearly everybody who is cursed by it ends up dying by a violent suicide, one witnessed by another character. There is another way to escape it if you violently murder somebody in front of someone else, but that's too bleak for Rose.

She tries to beat the curse at its own game, isolating herself at her childhood home, but doesn't count on Joel's kindness. He shows up to help her and he's too late: Rose has been taken over by the curse.

In the closing moments of Smile, Joel breaks into the house in time to watch a smiling Rose set herself on fire, passing the curse onto Joel.

kyle gallner , smile

We knew that Kyle Gallner was reprising the role of Joel for the sequel, but it was unclear whether he would either A) die by suicide or B) take the darker route and kill somebody else to pass on the curse.

After all, if he just had the curse throughout the sequel, that would lead to a pretty uneventful horror movie.

The trailer appears to confirm Joel's fate near the end, as we see him dash out of a house with an injured arm. He's not entirely successful in escaping whatever has him spooked though as he's soon run over by a speeding vehicle.

Yes, it's possible that Joel survived this incident, but the huge smearing of his blood – which has created a smile pattern on the road, naturally – seems to suggest that Joel is a goner.

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This likely means that whoever was driving is the latest victim of the smiling curse. We don't see who's driving or the aftermath of the incident, but it's possible that the driver is Gage's character Lewis.

He would then be driven to insanity by the curse as most victims are, leading to him showing up in a panic as Skye's apartment and killing himself in front of her with a weight, setting the events of Smile 2 in motion.

We are, of course, just speculating for now based on a brief sequence in the trailer and it could all be a big misdirect. But if you're hoping to see a lot of Kyle Gallner in the sequel, you might want to dial down those expectations.

Sorry Joel.

Smile 2 is released in cinemas on October 18.

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