‘Smartest baby’ knows all her animal sounds at just 9 months old: ‘What are y’all feeding these children?’

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A 9-month-old baby girl is flexing her impressive zoology knowledge.

It’s common for children to start learning about animals, colors and shapes from a very young age. But rarely at 9 months are they able to communicate the knowledge they’ve absorbed. TikToker Hannah shared a video of her 9-month-old niece, who defies expectations and already knows the sounds several animals make.

“[The] smartest baby I know. She’s only 9 months old,” Hannah said, dubbing her niece a “baby genius.”

Hannah asked her what sound an owl makes, and the baby girl said, “Hoo.” She also knew a horse neighed and a cow mooed. The little one could even make an oinking noise with her nose.

The video racked up 12.9 million views and 1.8 million likes on TikTok.

“Nine months? What are y’all feeding these children? She’s so smart,” a user commented.

“My 14-month-old thinks everything is ‘dada.’ Beat that,” another joked.

“My oldest was like this. She’s 8 now and says about 10 million words an hour. Good luck,” someone wrote.

Babies tend to love animal noises because they can help them develop their language skills. Around 4 to 6 months, children will begin babbling or trying to mimic the words grown-ups say. The easiest consonants to pronounce are P, M, H, N, W, B, T and D. Animal sounds tend to use these consonants and are easier for kids to imitate.

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