Slap Some Cheese On Your Waffle Iron For A Crisp And Gooey Snack

Seared haloumi cheese on a plate with tomato halves
Seared haloumi cheese on a plate with tomato halves - Elena Shashkina/Shutterstock

Many favorite snacks contain a hefty amount of cheese. From extra cheesy garlic bread to perfectly coated nachos, the exquisite deliciousness of cheese is often the highlight of a meal. Dairy fanatics might even believe that melted cheese is actually the tastiest part of a dish. Sure, the other ingredients are delicious, but the best part is the stringy -- and sometimes even crispy -- cheese. Those who are obsessed with cheesy goodness know that there exists a snack where the lone ingredient is cheese. Behold: waffle iron cheese.

That's right, this versatile breakfast appliance will transform a hunk of halloumi into a warm pocket of toasted bliss. To make this simple snack, you'll add your favorite cheese to a waffle iron instead of batter. Then watch as the two-sided heating and gridded terrain sear your cheese to a golden-brown finish. The next time you're craving a quick mouthful of melted cheese, try making this delectable snack.

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Fire Up The Iron

Person opening a waffle iron on a stovetop
Person opening a waffle iron on a stovetop - H_Ko/Shutterstock

Some cheeses toast well in a waffle iron, while others will be a messy disaster. Look for cheeses that are firm at room temperature and don't crumble, like cheddar or provolone. Softer cheeses can work as long as they have a rind, like brie. A soft, watery cheese like fresh mozzarella may be delicious, but it will turn into a runny nightmare in a waffle iron.

Once you have a cheese selected, cut it into manageable pieces and place it gently in the waffle maker. After about a minute, you'll want to check its progress. Be on the lookout for a golden-brown exterior that easily releases from the iron, like a well-cooked waffle. The indentations in the waffle maker should create scrumptious crispy squares on the surface of the cheese.

While the heat from the waffle iron will crisp up the exterior on its own, you can also try adding a thin layer of breading to the cheese for some extra crunch. Coat your cheese in a combination of egg wash and your favorite breadcrumbs before searing it in the waffle iron. This method will add a thicker crust to the outside of your snack, giving it more of a deep-fried finish.

What Else Can You Put In A Waffle Iron?

Grilled cheese sandwich in a waffle maker
Grilled cheese sandwich in a waffle maker - Ahanov Michael/Shutterstock

Waffle irons can be used for much more than cooking waffles and cheese. For something more substantial than a quick snack, try making a grilled cheese sandwich. Follow your normal prep routine for grilled cheese, but place the uncooked sandwich in the center of a waffle maker instead of a traditional pan or griddle. The double-sided heat from the iron will create an even toast on both sides. Plus, this grilled cheese waffle iron hack creates indentations in the bread that become perfect reservoirs for hot soup.

The humble waffle iron can also elevate a box of instant potatoes. If you prefer your mashed potatoes to have a crispy, golden outer later, the waffle iron will get the job done. Along with eggs and flour, use the powdered potatoes to make a batter, maintaining the same consistency that you would when preparing waffle batter. Pour the mixture into the iron and let it cook just like a waffle. When finished, the potatoes will come out in the shape of a waffle, with a crispy, golden exterior. Pull out your waffle-shaped potato and enjoy the crunchy envelope surrounding a core of warm fluff.

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