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If you ask a celebrity makeup artist what’s in their red-carpet kit, you’ll get all kinds of answers spanning dozens of different skincare and makeup brands. If you ask them their most beloved skin-prep device, though, many will recite the same answer: The Dermaflash.

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Favored by the likes of Patrick Ta, Daniel Martin, Fiona Stiles, Erin Parsons, and Jamie Greenberg, the Dermaflash is a must-have miracle worker for makeup prep as well as your more routine at-home needs. Keep reading to learn why.

What is a Dermaflash?

The Dermaflash is a rechargeable anti-aging, exfoliation, and peach-fuzz-removal device. The latest version is the Dermaflash Luxe+ ($199).



Regularly touted as a celebrity makeup artist must-have, as well as a cult-favorite skincare tool amongst Sephora shoppers, the Dermaflash is inspired by in-office dermaplaning.

“[It uses] an angled blade to gently remove hair from the skin surface, similar to a delicate version of shaving for super-thin hairs,” says board-certified dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, MD,. She notes that, just like shaving, the Dermaflash Luxe+ is designed to simultaneously remove surface dead skin cells and serve as a form of physical exfoliation, leaving skin smoother, softer, and better prepared for skincare absorption and makeup application.

The Benefits of Dermaflash

As mentioned above, the Dermaflash Luxe+ device is beloved for its skin-smoothing, hair-removing results. In fact, Dermaflash founder, Dara Levy, says that the Dermaflash Luxe+ is clinically proven to transform skin. Specifically, she reveals that after using the Dermaflash Luxe+ for four weeks: 

  • 100% saw instant improvement in skin texture

  • 100% said skin looked younger

  • 100% said skin looked more even

  • 97% instantly saw brighter, more radiant skin

  • 97% had less visible fine lines + wrinkles

“My favorite thing is how it instantly transforms the look and feel of your skin…every single time you use it,” she says. “I Flash every week and I am always blown away by how amazing my skin looks immediately after, and I have been Flashing for years!”

The reason your skin can look so silky-smooth post-use is that the Dermaflash Luxe+ is designed to remove the oldest layer of dead skin, dirt, and debris (as well as peach fuzz) to reveal smooth, baby-soft skin underneath.

"This device helps to exfoliate and eliminate dead skin cells in addition to helping with hair removal, including peach fuzz, to leave the facial skin looking and feeling brighter and smoother," says board-certified dermatologist Marisa Garshick, MD. "By eliminating the dead skin cells and facial hair, it helps skincare penetrate better and makes makeup application easier."

Garshick isn't the only dermatologist to back the benefits of Dermaflash. Nazarian is a fan, too. “The added ‘goodie’ with Dermaflash is the sonic technology with its dermaplaning,” Nazarian says. “The oscillating sonic waves [allow for even closer hair removal] and are better at removing surface skin cells, debris, and even cleaning pores (similar to effects from the sonic cleansing devices on the market). [That] also makes it stand out from standard in-office dermaplaning, which is a simple blade.”

Whom It’s Best For

The Dermaflash Luxe+ is a dream device for people with peach fuzz and/or dull, dry skin on their faces. It’s easy to use, requires no down time, and typically doesn’t have any irritating side effects. 

Levy, Nazarian, and Garshick all agree that the Dermaflash Luxe+ is safe to use on all skin tones and types. However, if you have active acne, open sores, or some level of sensitivity, it's best to proceed with caution or avoid the at-home treatment altogether. "I would recommend avoiding the use of a dermaplane or Dermaflash device if you have sensitive skin conditions, like rosacea, acne, or eczema, and especially if you are in the middle of a flare, as gliding a blade over inflamed or broken skin can increase risk of irritation and infection," Nazarian warns.

Overall, if you have any concerns about using the device, dial up your dermatologist to be sure it’s a good fit for your skin prior to use.  

How often should you Dermaflash?

“When you see the glow that you get from the Dermaflash Luxe+, it’s tempting to think ‘more is more’, but you don’t want to over-exfoliate,” Levy says. “We recommend Flashing once a week to reap the clinically proven benefits and maintain smooth, radiant, fuzz-free skin.”

Every time you Flash, you should use a fresh Microfine Edge (the disposable blades that come with the Dermaflash Luxe+, and which can be restocked separately). “We never want to re-introduce any bacteria to your skin,” Levy explains. “Think of it like this: You wouldn’t eat this Sunday’s dinner on last Sunday’s unwashed dinner plate, would you? So always use a fresh, clean Edge for your weekly Flash.”

FYI: While we’re on the topic of talking about how often you should Dermaflash, you might be curious to know how fast your peach fuzz will grow back. To put any worries to rest, know this: It’s a myth that shaving your face causes hair to grow back faster and thicker. “Hair grows back the same regardless of if you shave or Dermaflash it off,” Nazarian assures us. “So you can use your Dermaflash without worry that the hair will be thicker or darker.”

How to Dermaflash



The Dermaflash Luxe+ comes with instructions and is very easy to use. “Prep your face by gently cleansing, or use the Preflash Cleanser that accompanies the Dermaflash package,” Nazarian instructs. “Pat dry, then hold the device at a 45-degree angle to the skin surface and gently move along the skin in short strokes.” 

For best results, Levy says it’s imperative to remove all oil and added moisture from the skin’s surface. Additionally, she says to hold your skin taut while maneuvering the Dermaflash device across your complexion. 

Once you’re done Flashing, Nazarian says to apply your favorite moisturizer or serum to hydrate and soothe your freshly exfoliated face.

See? Easy.

If you’re worried about accidentally cutting your face in the process, don’t be. “We worked hard to make sure Dermaflash Luxe+ is safe, gentle, and effective,” Levy says. “Our proprietary Microfine Edges have custom-designed safety features which prevent nicks and scrapes, and our amped-up Sonic Technology ensures a smooth and frictionless glide across your face.”

While you’re unlikely to cut yourself while Flashing, there are some precautions you’ll want to take. “Try to avoid any irritating topicals or direct sunlight for 48 hours [post-Flash] as skin may be a little bit more sensitive and prone to burning and irritation,” Nazarian says. 

Dermaflash vs. Face-Shaving

Both the Dermaflash Luxe+ and traditional face-shaving remove facial hair, but that’s their only similarity, Levy says. “Traditional razors are designed for terminal hair, which is what we grow on our legs and men grow on their faces,” she explains. “Each strand of terminal hair is like a piece of copper wire, which is why men must lubricate their beards for removal. Women grow vellus hair [on their faces] which is like fine, cottony fluff. The Dermaflash Luxe+ is specifically designed for the delicate skin and vellus hair on a woman’s face.” 

Point blank: The Dermaflash Luxe+ outperforms your average razor by a landslide. “Our high-level sonic vibration enhances exfoliation and boosts microcirculation, which supports collagen production and gives skin a healthy-looking glow,” Levy says. “You’re not just removing peach fuzz, you’re getting safe, effective, professional-grade exfoliation.”

Dermaflash vs. In-Office Dermaplaning

Dermaflashing and in-office dermaplaning tout the same results but vary by method. “When [dermaplaning is] performed in a med spa or doctor’s office, a practitioner uses a surgical scalpel to ‘scrape’ off the oldest layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz,” Levy says. “Obviously, a surgical scalpel is not an option at home! That’s where Dermaflash Luxe+ comes in! Our device is a safer alternative to traditional dermaplaning. The device is powered by Sonic Technology, which eases the glide of our proprietary Edge to gently exfoliate and remove peach fuzz, as well as boost microcirculation and stimulate cellular turnover. You’ll get the same smooth, fuzz-free results as traditional dermaplaning with even more radiance, and without the price tag.”

My Honest Review of the Dermaflash Luxe+

TL;DR: I’m a huge fan of Dermaflash. I lived in New York City when the brand launched its first Dermaflash device back in 2016 and was invited to the launch event to try it out. I was sent home with a device of my own and from that moment on, it became my most-used skincare tool. While I love the idea of red light and microcurrent devices, I often fall off the bandwagon and forget to use them. That’s not the case with my Dermaflash. Any time I notice peach fuzz on my jawline or upper lip, I whip it out, prep my skin, and get to Flashing. And each time, I marvel at the instantly gratifying results.

Over the years, various Dermaflash models have been launched. First, there was the Dermaflash, then the Dermaflash 2.0, and now the Dermaflash Luxe+. What sets the Luxe+ apart is its amped-up sonic vibrations (14,000 per minute), customizable dual-speed options, and its close-shave, safety-first edges. 

While I didn’t notice a huge difference in the texture of my skin — Dermaflash has always made my skin feel flawlessly smooth — I do find the Luxe+ to be the safest to use, as I nicked myself on the 2.0 and haven’t with this new iteration. 

Suffice to say, any time my skin feels dull or I’m headed out on a big trip or to a special event, you best believe I’m Flashing beforehand. 

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