Sir Keir Starmer congratulates Carrie and Boris Johnson on baby news

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The baby is due to arrive in the winter (Victoria Jones/PA) (PA Wire)
The baby is due to arrive in the winter (Victoria Jones/PA) (PA Wire)

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has congratulated Carrie and Boris Johnson after the Prime Minister’s wife announced she was expecting her second child.

Sir Keir sent congratulations to the expectant couple following Mrs Johnson’s announcement on Saturday.

“Congratulations to Carrie and Boris on the happy news that they’re expecting another child,” said the Opposition leader.

“I’m very sorry to hear of Carrie’s earlier miscarriage. I’m sure that her speaking out will be of comfort to others and make them feel less alone.

“Every best wish to Carrie and Boris at this time.”

In her announcement on social media, Mrs Johnson revealed she had suffered the heartbreak of a miscarriage at the start of the year.

The 33-year-old environmental campaigner added: “At the beginning of the year, I had a miscarriage which left me heartbroken.

“I feel incredibly blessed to be pregnant again but I’ve also felt like a bag of nerves.”

Sir Keir Starmer dismissed a pledge to provide a named officer for crime victims as a gimmick (Peter Morrison/PA) (PA Wire)
Sir Keir Starmer dismissed a pledge to provide a named officer for crime victims as a gimmick (Peter Morrison/PA) (PA Wire)

Ms Johnson, a former Conservative Party communications director, said she wanted to share the personal news about her miscarriage to “help others”.

She added: “Fertility issues can be really hard for many people, particularly when on platforms like Instagram it can look like everything is only ever going well.

“I found it a real comfort to hear from people who had also experienced loss so I hope that in some very small way sharing this might help others too.”

Charities praised Mrs Johnson for opening up about her experience.

Ruth Bender Atik, national director of the Miscarriage Association, told Sky News: “Not everyone wants to talk about their experience of miscarriage, they may feel it’s private to them or they’re just not comfortable talking about it.

“They might worry that people will say the wrong things, but also it’s important to talk about pregnancy after loss because it can be a very anxious time.

“I think a lot of people say they lose the kind of innocence and optimism that they had the first time around because they’re always concerned that something might go wrong this time and for most people it doesn’t.

“We have a really British way of trying to cheer people up by starting sentences with words like ‘at least’, ‘at least it was early’, ‘at least you already have a child’.

“None of these things generally help so just allowing somebody to feel how they feel and to say ‘I’m sorry for loss’ and perhaps when they’re pregnant again, say ‘I imagine it might be a bit of an anxious time for you now’”.

Mrs Johnson said the brother or sister to their first child Wilfred was due to arrive “this Christmas”.

The couple made the announcement only two months after they tied the knot during a low-key wedding at Westminster Cathedral.

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