Single mom shares the unexpected way she met her husband

A former single mother has recounted how she manifested her second marriage to a father at her child’s school.

Dorilee Lavin, who is now happily married, shared the “the craziest thing” she did to pursue the crush she had on her husband, Sean, in a 18 March TikTok.

In the clip, the Vermont-based mother-of-three shared how, after spotting her ideal man walking his two daughters into school, she knew she needed the right opportunity to engage with him.

“I’m not a shy person. I was looking for an opportunity to introduce myself,” she admitted.

Lavin did some research, eventually concluding that Sean too was a single parent. And though she was biding her time, the perfect moment to approach him never came. Instead, one of the employees at her children’s after-school program handed over her number.

“The school was like tired of hearing me talk about him to them,” she confessed.

On the last day of school, the same day the staff offered to pass her phone number along to Sean, they finally spoke.

Lavin noted: “It was total verbal diarrhea. Like no pickup lines, no nothing here. I actually thought I scared him.” But she didn’t.

According to Lavin, it took no more than an hour for Sean to message her once the staff had given him her number.

“I later learned he had a dream of a woman with long dark curly hair and a captivating energy,” she confessed. “Then when he saw me, he was blown away because I was the woman from his dream. I didn’t believe him when he first told me the story, then he showed me the texts. He had messaged his friends about the dream.”

The duo planned their first day on a Saturday in June 2023. They were married 111 days later.

Speaking toToday, Lavin said she’d written down her dream man just a few days before she spotted her now life partner.

“I manifested him hard,” she proclaimed. “Everything has been easy from day one.”

Lavin and Sean are both close with each other’s exes, having both previously been married. The TikToker describes their co-parenting to be “good” and “positive.”

On the first time Sean and his two daughters slept over Lavin’s house, she noted: “The next morning, my oldest comes over to me and is like: ‘Mom, when are they leaving?’ My heart sank. I told him I wasn’t sure — and he was goes: ‘Well, I was just wondering if they’re still here when it’s dark, can we play laser tag?’”

The Independent has contacted Lavin for a comment.