Single Crystal Silicon Wafers Market to Cross USD 14.6 Billion by 2028, at a CAGR 5.50% from 2022- 2028 Thanks to Increasing Trend of Digitization and Electronic Mobility

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SkyQuest's latest market research report provides a comprehensive overview of the single crystal silicon wafers market, including a deep dive into the supply chain, production, and distribution channels. The report also offers insights into key players in the industry and helps stakeholders understand the market trends and opportunities that can drive growth and profitability. With the valuable information and analysis provided by the study, stakeholders can make informed decisions and develop effective business strategies.

Westford USA, Feb. 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The single crystal silicon wafers market is witnessing positive growth, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, due to the increasing demand for high-efficiency solar panels. Furthermore, using single crystal silicon wafers in photovoltaic technology leads to a higher output per unit area, making it a highly sought-after material in the industry. Additionally, supportive government initiatives in developing countries provide a favorable environment for the overall development of the silicon wafers market, which is projected to continue expanding in the coming years.

SkyQuest's research suggests that the growth of 5G-enabled smartphone devices will bring significant opportunities for the silicon industry in the coming years. The market is expected to reach 2.7 million units and generate over USD 3.8 billion in revenue by 2023. Additionally, silicon plays a critical role in the consumer electronics market and has replaced traditional materials in various applications. The research highlights silicon's continued growth and importance in the tech industry.

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Single crystal silicon wafers play a crucial role in the creation of a variety of electronic devices. These thin slices of silicon are treated in various ways to suit the specific requirements of the electronic device in question. The popularity of silicon wafers can be attributed to their exceptional quality as a semiconductor material. This makes it an ideal choice for manufacturing integrated circuits in devices such as laptops, smartphones, and other technological equipment.

Prominent Players in Single Crystal Silicon Wafers Market

  • Nano Silicon Inc.

  • Addison Engineering

  • Shin-Etsu Handotai

  • Siltronic AG

  • RS Technologies

  • SUMCO Corp

  • LG Siltron

  • Adventec

  • Rockwood Wafer Reclaim SAS

  • GlobalWafers

  • Elkam AS

  • MEMC Electronic Materials Inc.

  • Renewable Energy Corporation

  • Pure Wafer PLC

  • NexWafe GmbH

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Portable Computing Devices Segment to Witness Higher Traction due to Significant Demand for Electronic Industry

The single crystal silicon wafers market is expected to see significant growth in the portable computing device segment. The increasing popularity of laptops, tablets, and smartphones drives the demand for these devices. As a result, major players in the tech industry, such as Intel, AMD, and Nvidia, rely on contract manufacturers like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to produce their chips. According to SkyQuest, the shipment of silicon wafers rose 4% in the first quarter of 2021 to 3,337 million square inches. This increase in demand for portable computing devices is projected to drive the growth of the single crystal silicon wafer market in the coming years.

The Asia Pacific region dominated the single crystal silicon wafers market, holding a market share of over 70% in 2021. The low labor costs available in the region have driven demand for single crystal silicon wafers. The demand for these products has been fueled by the growing market for consumer electronics in the Asia Pacific region and an increase in the number of semiconductor wafer foundries being established in the region. In addition, the renewed demand from the automobile industry and the growing market for consumer electronics have led to an increase in the need for solar-powered products, which in turn is driving the consumption of single crystal silicon wafers in the Asia Pacific market.

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Revolutionizing Crystal Growth CZ Method Takes the Single Crystal Silicon Wafer Market by Storm

The CZ method segment is a dominant contributor to the revenue in the global market for single crystal silicon wafers. This method involves an oriented single-crystal seed attached to a cooled pulling shaft, dipped into the molten semiconductor charge contained in a heated cylindrical crucible. The seed is then withdrawn while reducing the power supplied to the crucible, resulting in the growth of a single crystal. This crystal growth technology begins with inserting a small seed crystal into the melt in a crucible and pulling the seed upwards to obtain a single crystal.

The North American market for single crystal silicon wafers is driven by increasing demand for low-cost wafers for solar cell production. The presence of major solar cell manufacturers in the region is expected to drive demand for these wafers. Additionally, investment in electric vehicles and self-driving cars by leading automotive players in the United States will drive demand for high-performance ICs and contribute to the growth of the North American single crystal silicon wafer market. As a result, the market in North America follows Asia Pacific as a leading player in the industry.

The research report on the single crystal silicon wafers market offers a comprehensive analysis of the market's growth potential, competitive landscape, and regional trends. The report includes extensive primary and secondary research results, providing an overview of the current and future market objectives. The information also features a dashboard overview of the past and present performance of key companies in the industry, along with a competitive analysis broken down by application and type. In addition, various methodologies and studies ensure accurate and comprehensive information about the global market.

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Key Developments in Single Crystal Silicon Wafers Market

  • GlobalWafers subsidiary Sino Silicon Technology to acquire 100% ownership of Shanghai Sawyer Shenkai Technology Material for RMB 100 million. The acquisition, subject to approval from Crystalwise Technology Inc.'s shareholders, will allow GlobalWafers to enter the oligopolistic LT/LN wafer market, building on its successful performance in silicon wafers and compound semiconductors.

  • Meyer Burger reaches a binding agreement for silicon wafer supply with Norwegian Crystals for heterojunction cell production. The wafers and their precursor materials are produced using hydropower facilities in Norway, resulting in a low carbon footprint. The polysilicon used in production is sourced from Europe and the United States, and the energy required is mainly generated from hydropower in Norway.

  • Linton Crystal Technologies announces plans to build a solar panel manufacturing equipment factory in the United States. The Rochester-based company, known for producing silicon-growing and crystal-processing equipment, will begin construction in Q2 2023. Previously, LCT has collaborated with Dalian Linton NC Machine in China for equipment manufacturing.

  • Parade Technologies introduces TC3222, a cost-effective solution for LCD displays. With its single-chip design, the TC3222 eliminates the need for a frame buffer, unlike traditional multichip solutions. In addition, the narrow COG package dimensions of the TC3222 and TC3210 provide compatibility with new, slim LCD panel designs.

Key Questions Answered in Single Crystal Silicon Wafers Market Report

  • What major factors are influencing the competitiveness of key players in the global market?

  • What is the current status of capacity and production in the single crystal silicon wafers industry?

  • What future market trends can we expect in terms of demand for single crystal silicon wafers?

  • How are innovations and strategic advancements impacting the future growth of the market?

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