New Sin City Is Ready for Unlimited Action, Adventure, and Fun

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Seattle,WA, Jan. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a recent company announcement, New Sin City has declared its ambitious plan ahead. The company wants to become avant-garde in an action-packed role-playing game to facilitate users play, manage, and acquire digital assets and rewards.

New Sin City is a Free-to-Play game where participants can get lots of fun and earning opportunities as well. One who is able to control the turfs, and businesses while indulging in all sorts of heroic adventures, including looting other firms, will eventually shine and get more rewards,” Juan Ibagon , CEO, New Sin City claimed.

Right now, Sin City’s all funding plans for the seed round and strategic rounds are complete. It raised around $40-million from the market and its community members.

A total of 50 institutions and individuals came forward for the seed round. And in the strategy round, big firms like Metrix Capital, Ellipti, Oddiyana Ventures, ZBS Capital, and others came forward to help the company with some necessary funds. New Sin City wishes to be listed on coingecko and coinmarketcap by the end of this year.

Ever since Sincity Metaverse announced its NFT-based gaming platform, depending upon its theme, it is already now rated as an R-rated metaverse where only the members are allowed to participate and indulge in all sorts of crimes to become the ultimate boss of the world.

Users will get an opportunity to invite their tech-savvy friends and others to get the feel of the game. All members can play and compete to accomplish its level anytime of the day. Sin City Metaverse makes use of the strong blockchain-based 3D open world through which participants get an opportunity to create virtual content and experiment with them as per their imagination or the requirement of the game.

Sincity has evolved out as a blockchain-based multiplayer game for its community members. By participating in the NFT game, you can get 15,000 land parcels in some of the virtual world’s most dangerous cities.

Each player will have to build Sin City from scratch. With each stage, there will be many challenges to overcome. Participants will don a virtual avatar to create their own virtual identity within the metaverse. Members can take advice from their friends while building the city, but each of them needs to have a distinct virtual avatar to survive in the New Sin City metaverse. Some elements of the game resemble Second Life, but New Sin City would be a completely different ball game altogether.

New Sin City holds the unique distinction of being created and built on a single protocol to help you get the launchpad for accelerating your growth on multiple gaming projects, which are to be launched in due course of time.

New Sin City wants to develop close rapport with other NFT-gaming platforms to integrate new virtual projects to Sin City and make its metaverse more interesting and exciting than ever. Sin City makes the optimum utilization of blockchain science and NFT, through which participants can get lots of virtual rewards and tokens depending upon their assets.

Today, NFT is not just a gaming platform but giving a new direction to people in each and every sphere of life. At the same time, it entertains them and keeps them away from unnecessary stress and anxiety. By making the optimum utilization of NFT metaverse, you can also get the opportunity to earn a lot of digital assets and tokens, which are likely to help you generate revenue in reality too.

New Sin City is set to become the next big thing in the NFT metaverse. It is enriched with a nail-biting storyline relating to a highly-adventurous crime world syndicate. Users would love the idea of visiting a crime world through virtual space and become popular there.

New Sin City has been built on the platform of Binance Smart Chain and NFT assets, which members can easily trade on its metaverse. This year, New Sin City plans to include a lot of new in-gaming rewards and elements to transport NFT assets from the real world to the virtual world. Depending upon your progress in the New Sin City, each participant will get an opportunity to play and earn.

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