Silestone® Debuts the Ethereal Collection, Made with Industry-Leading, Sustainable HybriQ+® Technology

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With beauty beyond natural, Ethereal introduces four new marble-inspired designs that recreate the bold and inspiring patterns of the sky - with earth-friendly manufacturing

CORAL GABLES, Fla., Aug. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Silestone® by Cosentino, the leading global hybrid mineral surface for the world of architecture and design, launches its second series following its recent rebranding: Ethereal.

The collection’s four colorways offer an artistic interpretation of the fleeting, heavenly patterns cast in the sky — with fine lines in deep hues against a white canvas capturing the interplay of color and light seen from dawn to nightfall.

“The Ethereal Collection celebrates nature through both its aesthetic and new industry-transforming sustainable manufacturing practices,” says Eduardo Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino North America and EVP of Global Sales. “It showcases the metamorphosis of the Silestone brand and its future, while embodying our strategic response as an industry leader to the global design world’s demands for more sustainable products — without compromising on design or performance.”

The colors provide a myriad of design options with high-performance capabilities including stain, acid, shock, and scratch resistance. Perfect for applications ranging from backsplashes and countertops to wall cladding, the collection provides architects, designers and builders with an elegant offering to elevate any space.

The Ethereal Collection also takes center stage in “The Metamorphosis,” Silestone’s third and final campaign with entrepreneur and international fashion icon Cindy Crawford. Just like its name suggests, “The Metamorphosis” serves as an allegory of Silestone’s own transition and recent rebranding, celebrating its work to pioneer the development of its revolutionary HybriQ+® technology, created for the betterment of the planet.

Color Introductions | Download Images here

Ethereal Dusk showcases an urban look in which the bluish tone of its veining brings a modern and avant-garde touch to the space. It symbolizes a unique, unforgettable and personal sunrise, in which peace, solemnity and tranquility are seen on the horizon in the last moments of darkness.

Ethereal Haze includes a dynamic range of grey tones to emit plenty of personality. This design conveys both calm and character thanks to an interplay of gradients which blend into pure neutrality. Ethereal Haze takes us to an imaginary world where the wind moves the clouds over the mountains, creating an optical illusion of tranquility and fluffiness.

Ethereal Glow is simply pure, classic elegance. As an evolution of the internationally acclaimed Silestone® Eternal Calacatta Gold, its golden and grey veining merges with a tinged white foundation, running through the entire design and bringing color to every corner. It is inspired by the sunset and its igneous colors and glow, a vision from which you cannot look away.

Ethereal Noctis is synonymous with sophistication. The tinged white foundation is broken up with short grey and black veins, providing contrast, depth, simplicity and modernity. It is inspired by the darkness after sunset, making us feel life with a strange halo of unreality.

Silestone® Ethereal + HybriQ+®

The new collection represents a quantum leap for design, innovation and sustainability with the introduction of a new product category for the brand: “The ultimate mineral HybriQ® surface” — and continuing to build on Silestone®’s stance as an activist brand through its cutting-edge HybriQ+® technology by Silestone®.

The newly launched HybriQ+® technology is poised to transform the quartz surfaces and engineered stone industry, and introduces a new production process and composition for Silestone® - achieving new levels of sustainability for both the product and manufacturing method. The new hybrid blend of materials combines minerals and recycled materials and is now manufactured using 99 percent recycled water, 100 percent renewable electric energy and a minimum of 20 percent recycled raw materials in its composition, while significantly reducing the presence of crystalline silica. The new manufacturing process also has zero water discharge, ensuring that local water sources are not polluted by chemicals.

Silestone® with HybriQ+® technology benefits from the same mechanical and technical performance as before but with a sustainable focus and new design possibilities. In fact, the new Silestone® formulation has enhanced its timeless beauty, including improved depth and translucency.

About Silestone® by Cosentino

Silestone® by Cosentino is the leading global hybrid mineral surface for the world of architecture and design. With more than 30 years at the forefront of the market, Silestone® offers unique technical and design characteristics, such as high resistance and hardness, easy daily maintenance, high color consistency and unparalleled beauty. Over the past few years, Cosentino has developed the innovative and exclusive N-Boost and HybriQ® technologies. The use of these technologies has meant a qualitative leap in the evolution of Silestone® in terms of functionality, quality, beauty and sustainability. Silestone® consists of a hybrid formulation of mineral raw materials, such as quartz, and recycled materials. Cosentino’s production process is an environmental success story, since it is carried out using 99% recycled water, no water spillage, and 100% renewable energy, as well as reused raw materials.

The aesthetic and design possibilities of Silestone® are limitless for architecture and design professionals: it is available in over 80 colors and a wide range of textures and formats. It is a perfect surface for a large number of applications in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as laboratories, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other professional spaces.


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