Sidney Resources Corporation Releases Chemical Assay at Lucky Ben Gold & Silver Project

Sidney Resources Corp.

COEUR D' ALENE, ID / ACCESSWIRE / December 9, 2022 / Sidney Resources Corporation, (OTC PINK:SDRC), an Idaho exploration and development company with leased and owned mineral rights claims in Idaho that is leading the development of transformative mining technology, is pleased to announce the second round of chemical assay test results completed by Liberty Refiners.

This season sampling was conducted over a 300-foot section of exposed vein in the rehabilitated original Lucky Ben Tunnel and at the location of the new lower portal. Additional sample locations included the daylight Stope near the face of the main tunnel and a small dump located near this location.

The average chemical assay result for this section of vein material was 139.30 grams per ton for gold.

Samples were collected from exposed vein material on the surface at the construction site for the new 2nd lower tunnel on the Lucky Ben and the average result was 65.8 grams per ton for gold.

A large sample was collected from the exposed daylight Stope near the face of the original tunnel and the average result was 128.8 grams per ton for gold.

A small dump near the daylight Stope was sampled and the average result was 106.4 grams per ton of gold.

Historical and current samples consistently show strong results for silver.

The chemical assay average result for silver is 233.8 g/t.

Liberty Refiners is an experienced Idaho company with extensive knowledge of mining, milling and ore processing. Their company description states, "Getting the metal out of the dirt is the name of the game. Their core abilities are in working with difficult, or seemingly impossible, ores and finding cost-effective ways to extract the metal from the ores through wet or fire chemistry. This division of Liberty Refiners works closely with the refining team for a synergistic approach to mineral processing and final metal finishing. This new method allows a mine, or ore source, manager to deal with Liberty Refiners from the discovery of minerals in the earth to the sale of the final product in the market. By removing multiple middlemen from the ore processing to final refining, the end product can be attained quicker and more inexpensively".

As Sidney looks to expand through growth and acquisition, our CEO, Sean Rae Zalewski continues to build strong working relationships with companies like Liberty Refiners. These partnerships with transformative companies are developing new and innovative approaches to mining in a more cost-effective manner while reducing the environmental impact on the environment.

The Lucky Ben Claim Group covers a gold prospect in the Warren Mining District and is located approximately 110 miles north of Boise, Idaho. According to records from the US Geological survey the Warren District is reported to have produced 24.4 tons of placer gold and 2.92 tons of lode gold which has a current market value of $1,587,619,840.

In addition to the gold produced a total of 22.5 tons of silver was produced which has a current market value of $16,178,400.

Sidney Resources holds a perpetual lease on the Lucky Ben Group that consists of 53 acres of private property and an additional five unpatented claims totaling approximately 100 acres that are adjacent to the private property.

Sidney Resources owns an additional 8 unpatented claims which include the historic Arlise Mine which, like the Lucky Ben, was a gold and silver producer before also being shut down by the government with the Federalization of Gold in the 1930's.

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