Sidekick Steve Higgins Upstages Jimmy Fallon With 1-Liner About Donald Trump Jr.

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Steve Higgins, Jimmy Fallon’s sidekick on “The Tonight Show,” earned host-sized applause for a zinger about Donald Trump Jr. during a bit on Tuesday. (Watch the video below.)

In the semi-regular “Do Not Read” segment, which highlights absurdly funny books, Fallon showed off one titled “Cooking with Coke.”

“Oh, by Don Jr.?” Higgins quipped.

Fallon cracked up and the show’s band banged out a rim shot. Higgins waved and blew a kiss to the crowd.

Higgins is technically the show’s announcer, but he’s no comic slouch. A longtime producer and writer on “Saturday Night Live,” he had a show on Comedy Central years back and served as the head writer on “The Jon Stewart Show.”

It’s always nice to take a star turn.

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