Sibedge released a pet project based on Plv8 Framework to conduct full-scale development in databases

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Sibedge has launched a Plv8 Framework that supports development in the database layer and reduces labor costs when solving typical CRUD tasks.

Cupertino, CA, Sept. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sibedge, a globally distributed software engineering company, has launched a Plv8 Framework pet project that makes it possible to run a JavaScript code in the database. The framework brings together solutions to database development challenges and assembles them into a JavaScript functions development tool that helps install the PLV8 extension quickly and easily.

"Since 2018 a pet-friendly workplace is coded deeply into our company’s DNA. We see that pet projects promote creativity, make ‘Small Wins’ possible, and foster growth and enrichment of our employees. We believe that if companies are keen to attract and develop top performers, they need to give their employees the kind of environment that will help to amplify their talents." says Seva Morotskiy, Sibedge's CTO.

The PLV8 Framework requires less time and effort for solving backend development tasks, especially in statically typed languages. Now the teammates can edit stored procedures together and perform unit tests in the databases. Developers can apply Plv8 functions to deploy the code in a unified way.

Apart from facilitating work with flexible and hierarchical data structures, Plv8 also helps reduce labor costs when solving typical CRUD tasks. To perform CRUD operations, the framework has universal functions that will work in any database management system on any project. They allow implementing 90–95% of the functionality minimizing the costs.

Today, the PLV8 Framework is already used in several projects outside of Sibedge. The tool is available for Linux ( and Docker (

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