Shudder Watchlist: The 15 Best Movies on the Horrifying Streaming Platform

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Halloween is fast approaching and with it comes a slate of movies, most of which you’ve seen, but some of which you haven’t. Looking for the latter? The streaming service you didn’t know you needed, Shudder serves up one genre and one genre only – horror. Owned by AMC, Shudder was founded in 2015, but if you haven’t heard of it, you aren’t alone. As a horror-only streaming destination, the service is speaking to a niche audience. That said, spooky season is almost here. Plus, one month of Shudder is cheaper than any of the festive fall drinks at Starbucks. It's priced at $4.75 per month and offers a free 7-day trial. Make the most of your free week—here are the 15 best (read: most terrifying) films on Shudder.



One of the best horror movies of recent years, Skinamarink is a supernatural film that follows two children who wake up in the middle of the night to find the things in their house disappearing and their father missing. The film was initially shown at a film festival in Montreal before it was leaked online, where it went viral and amassde a ton of word of mouth buzz.

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Sea Fever

This 2019 horror follows a crew of sea-stranded fishermen who encounter a parasitic infection that makes a host of their eyeballs.

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America Latina

This Italian drama follows a married family man who finds a girl bound and gagged in his basement, begging for help. More than some cheesy horror flick, America Latina was selected to compete at the Venice International Film Festival.

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Monument follows a group of interns who, after waking up on an ice-cold bus, are set to work at a remote hotel that is eerie, desolate, and likely haunted. Everything about this movie is vague from the plot details (that we can safely share), the trailer, and even the characters, who are all named “Girl” or “Boy.”

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Tower. A Bright Day.

This experimental Polish film follows the rocky relationship between adult sisters Mula and Kaja, Mula having raised Kaja’s child as her own due to Kaja’s mental instability. When Kaja is invited to attend the child’s First Holy Communion, the tension between the sisters reaches new heights.

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The cinematic legend that is Sharknado is, naturally, streaming on Shudder. It portrays a comically destructive natural disaster in which sharks are being deposited from the ocean into Los Angeles.

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A horror movie about, you guessed it, an influencer, Influencer follows a young woman posting from Thailand for profit. While the trip looks stunning online, away from the blue light, our final girl spends most of her time sulking in her hotel room over room service. She is befriended by a local who attempts to steal her identity and her life, at a deadly cost.

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The Babadook

This psychological horror follows a widowed single mother whose son becomes obsessed with a mysterious monster called the Babadook. Like so many horror films before it, The Babadook went from initial flop to massive success thanks to the internet’s meme machine.

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The Devil’s Doorway

This found footage horror follows two Catholic priests—one older and jaded, the other spry and eager—investigating a reported miracle by a group of nuns at an asylum in Ireland.

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Huesera: The Bone Woman

Huesera: The Bone Woman is a body horror film that follows a pregnant woman who becomes cursed by a demonic spirit. Desperate to save herself and her unborn child, she turns to dark magic for answers.

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The Unheard

This 2023 horror follows a deaf girl who undergoes an experimental procedure in an effort to restore her hearing, leaving her with terrifying auditory hallucinations. Remember Jessica Alba in The Eye? This is like that, but different.

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Attachment is a romantic horror film that follows the relationship between Maja and Leah, a Danish actress and a Jewish academic from London. When Leah suffers a seizure, the pair returns to London to stay with her mother Chana, a woman marked by dark secrets.

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This horror follows a young woman trying to understand her own identity, tracing back to her earliest days of life when she was left in a cemetery wrapped in cloth bearing satanic symbols.

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This psychological thriller stars Rebecca Hall as a successful woman whose life is disrupted by the reappearance of her abusive ex-boyfriend. The film’s script made it to the screen from the famous Black List, an annual survey of the most popular unproduced scripts floating around Hollywood, so you know the writing is good.

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Perfect Blue

It’s the only anime horror on this list and it's incredible, so give it a stream. Perfect Blue follows a retired pop idol turned actor who finds herself being stalked by an obsessive fan.

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