Short Stiletto Nails Are About to Take Over

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If you’ve ever wanted to try a stiletto nail but found it difficult to incorporate it into your daily life, you’re in luck. 2023 is the year of the short stiletto nail.

Stiletto nails are that girl; these nails are everyone’s go-to if they want to make a bold statement. Usually long, they are filed and shaped with a sharp or almond-shaped point at the tip. While fabulous looking, one of their major downsides is that it makes it really hard to do basic everyday things (e.g. typing on your phone or taking out your contacts). This year, however, the beloved nail shape is getting a slight — and more practical — update.

Coined the “micro makeover,” Pinterest predicts that it’s all about going short with your beauty looks. Micro bangs, chopping hair into bobs, and short stiletto nails (the search term already has already risen 80% this year alone) — going mini is where it’s at.

So, if you’re looking to change up your nail game, scroll down for some nail inspo as we round up 10 fun short stiletto nail looks that you want to try ASAP.

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Shimmery French Mani

<p>Instagram &amp;#64;overglowedit</p>

Instagram @overglowedit

One of the easiest ways to dress up a rounded short stiletto nail is with the classic French mani. To elevate the look, opt for silver glitter for the tips. And that tiny bow detail at the center? It’s just *chef’s kiss.*

Abstract Nail Art

<p>Instagram &amp;#64;<a href=&quot;; data-component=&quot;link&quot; data-source=&quot;inlineLink&quot; data-type=&quot;externalLink&quot; data-ordinal=&quot;1&quot;>the.nail.nest</a></p>

Instagram @the.nail.nest

While the shape is minimal, the design doesn’t have to be. Mix and match graphic lines and geometric shapes for a bold nail look. Classic shades such as white and black provide a striking contrast against a bare base while a pop of yellow brightens it all up.

Rich Emerald

<p>Instagram &amp;#64;nailartbyqueenie</p>

Instagram @nailartbyqueenie

No other color catches the eye quite like emerald. This rich deep green shade easily elevates your French tips. Add a metallic line to outline the curves of the top tips for added definition. 

Barely-There Ombré

<p>Instagram &amp;#64;bloombarnails</p>

Instagram @bloombarnails

In theme with going minimal, a subtle ombré nail is the way to go. This soft mix of white and nude hits the sweet spot of striking without being overwhelming. Plus, it’s an easy DIY.

Black & Gold Nails

<p>Instagram &amp;#64;minea.nails</p>

Instagram @minea.nails

Bold on their own, black and gold paired together make for an unbeatable combo that matches any look. Keep the base bare and paint the corners of your short stiletto nails black with gold foil along the edges for a fun negative space nail.

Sea Shell Texture

<p>Instagram &amp;#64;kimkimnails</p>

Instagram @kimkimnails

The tl;dr: these short stiletto nails are just stunning. Go real abstract with pearly white and silver shimmer shades in raised edges to get that sea shell detail that makes these nails a true work of art.

Cherry Hearts

<p>Instagram &amp;#64;jodiesbeaute</p>

Instagram @jodiesbeaute

In the mood for something sweet? This nail art has got you covered. Paint on mini cherries in the shape of hearts against a bare short stiletto nail to celebrate love.

Crystal Energy

<p>Instagram &amp;#64;themimid</p>

Instagram @themimid

What better way to call in all the good vibes than with some crystal-inspired nails? Mix white, pink, and gold shimmer in a marble swirl for something really pretty.

Bling V-Tips

<p>Instagram &amp;#64;hollyfalconenails</p>

Instagram @hollyfalconenails

A  spin on the classic French tip, the V-tip is a fun way to spice up any nail look. Line up small crystals in a V-shape along the edge of the tip to give your short stiletto nails some shine.

Smooth Velvet Nails

<p>Instagram &amp;#64;jessicawashick</p>

Instagram @jessicawashick

There’s something just so hypnotic about a bright and glittery velvet nail. Go full Barbiecore with this deep pink holographic shade and add matching stones along the base of the nail for added dimension.

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