Shoppers Say This On-Sale Retinol Reduces Wrinkles So Well, People Asked If They Got Botox

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There are only a few hours left to nab 30 percent off all Murad products.

<p>Courtesy Murad</p>

Courtesy Murad

If you haven’t upgraded or restocked your skincare routine during this Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale weekend, you still have a few hours left to make the most of the steep discounts. You could peruse endless brands and E-stores but I suggest keeping things simple and getting every skincare product you’ll ever need at Murad.

Using the code CYBER2022, you can snag 30 percent off all Murad products for just a few more hours. It’s one of those brands where every product is a winner, so in the interest of making the most of the very few hours left of Cyber Monday, allow me to introduce you to Murad’s Retinol Youth Renewal Serum.

I came across the serum on sale a couple of times over the weekend, including yesterday at Sephora, but in each instance, the discounted size sold out in a blink of an eye. It’s not surprising, given the lineup of hard-hitting ingredients, anti-aging benefits, and shopper reviews.



Shop now: $64 with code CYBER2022 (Originally $92);

The star ingredient is, of course, retinol, but not all retinols are made the same. Murad’s products use a proprietary complex that works quickly and releases retinol throughout the day to ensure a steady stream of benefits, as well as less irritation. To counteract the ingredient’s notorious drying effects, the Youth Renewal Serum is also formulated with nourishing and hydrating hyaluronic acid.

One of the 600+ five-star reviewers said that after using this, “[My] wrinkles have pretty much disappeared… I even had one of [the]doctors I work with ask me if I was getting Botox.” Another shopper in their late 50s wrote, “[Retinol Youth Renewal Serum] made my skin flawless. [My] pores are significantly smaller, and [it] smoothed out fine lines.”

Another 27-year-old reviewer said that this is an effective serum beyond its highlighted anti-aging properties, having seen substantial improvement in their acne and subsequential scars. “I can honestly say that with consistent use of this product, I have seen better results than my chemical peel. I have also found that it helps breakouts go away quicker than anything I’ve ever used before.”

Targeted Wrinkle Corrector



Shop now: $55 with code CYBER2022 (Originally $78);

If you’d like to add a wrinkle-reducing booster to the mix, opt for the Targeted Wrinkle Corrector, another Murad best-seller. It harnesses the power of hyaluronic acid — an ingredient many filler treatments are made of — to provide an instant blurring effect, in addition to long-term wrinkle-reduction and skin-plumping. One reviewer said, “I was very surprised at how effective it was around the mouth, where filler would have been the solution. [I’m] very pleased with how it plumps the skin to make the shadows fade away, giving the look of fewer lines.” Another reviewer described it as “botox in a bottle.” “It’s the only thing that’s really helped my very deep wrinkles,” they explained.

Deep Relief Acne Treatment



Shop now: $31 with code CYBER2022 (Originally $44);

And a personal hail Mary has been the Deep Relief Acne Treatment, a solution for the huge, painful welts and boils that frequently appear on my face and chest and stick around forever. In my frustration, I often pick at them to no avail and end up leaving behind a dark spot I spend months fixing.

I decided to try this after it went viral on TikTok, and wow, this is a rare product that exceeds the hype. Over a day or two, it flattens out the deepest, largest boils and under-skin pimples into nothingness. The Deep Relief Acne Treatment is the home version of a professional steroid treatment to combat the most stubborn breakouts.

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